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Susanne Thier Wikipedia: Sebastian Kurz Freundin Age, Net Worth & Children IG

Susanne Thier Wikipedia: Sebastian Kurz Freundin Age, Net Worth & Children IG

Susanne Thier, Sebastian Kurz’s partner, is not included on the Wikipedia website. Meanwhile, here are some important facts about her that you should know.

Susanne Thier is the girlfriend of Sebastian Kurz, a well-known Australian politician who has received widespread praise.

Her spouse, Sebastian Kurz, is an Australian politician who now serves as Austria’s Chancellor.

Susanne is also well-known for being a VIP mate among her peers. The pair has been dating since they were in high school, when Sebastian was just 18 years old, when they first met.

Susanne is a financial advisor to the Austrian Finance Minister in her professional life.

Susanne Thier’s Age, According to Wikipedia

Susanne Thier is now 35 years old, according to her social media accounts. Her exact date of birth, as well as her exact birthday, have not yet been confirmed, though.

Thier is now based in Vienna, the Austrian capital, where he works.

As a result of her boyfriend Kurz’s election victory and subsequent elevation to the position of Federal Chancellor in 2017, Susanne was thrust into public view for the first time.

Thier holds a bachelor’s degree in business education, to give you an idea of her educational history. The name of the university she attended, on the other hand, remains unknown.

Furthermore, she hasn’t shared any information about her parents or family background with us. In as a consequence, we have very little information regarding her youth and early years.

Susanne Thier’s net worth has been estimated at $1 million.

Susanne Thier has a net worth of around $100 thousand dollars.

Similarly, her spouse Sebastian, on the other hand, makes a total of $328,803 in yearly income.

Susanne Thier’s Children and Her Extended Family

Susanne Thier and her boyfriend Sebastian Kurz recently revealed that they would be expecting their first child together in July 2021, which will take place in Germany.

Susanne anticipates that her kid will be welcomed into the family towards the end of November 2021.

Furthermore, when it comes to her family, there is currently no information accessible about her parents, siblings, or any other relatives at this moment.

Susanne Thier, a friend of Sebastian Kurz’s, and Philippa Strache (right) seem to be understanding each other well at #nrw17 pic.twitter.com/CNCoeQquVy

15th of October, 2017 — KURIER (@KURIERat).

Is Susanne Thier a member of the Instagram community?

Despite our best efforts, we were unable to locate Susanne Thier’s Instagram account.

Furthermore, she seems to be non-existent on her other social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter.

Sebastian, her boyfriend, has a verified Instagram account, in the meanwhile. Sebastian Kurz may be found on Instagram, where he goes by the handle @sebastiankurz

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