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Kyle Sandilands Girlfriend Tegan Kynaston: Age Baby Reveal & Net Worth

Kyle Sandilands Girlfriend Tegan Kynaston: Age Baby Reveal & Net Worth

 Kyle Sandilands is presently dating Tegan Kynaston, who is also his girlfriend. Tegan Kynaston is a previous assistant of his, as well. Let’s find out more about her in the section below!

Nueva Drinks is led by Tegan Kynaston, who is also the company’s CEO.

She is also well-known as the girlfriend of Australian radio broadcaster Kyle Sandilands, who she met via a mutual acquaintance. The Kyle and Jackie O Show, which airs on Sydney’s radio station KIIS 106.5 every weekday morning with co-host Jackie O, is presently in its third season. Kyle is married to Jackie O.

The pair has been in the news lately when they appeared on Studio 10 and revealed their pregnancy intentions and fertility tests.

Kyle Sandilands kisses his girlfriend Tegan Kynaston passionately after he confided in her about their baby plans. https://t.co/I6yJlI5W0Y

Daily Mail Australia (@DailyMailAU) published a tweet on November 23, 2021.

Tegan Kynaston is the girlfriend of Kyle Sandilands.

Tegan Kynaston is Kyle Sandilands’s girlfriend, and she is a model.

Kyle’s long-term girlfriend Imogen Anthony left him, and the two started dating shortly thereafter. The Kyle and Jackie O Show, where the couple announced their separation live in November, was the setting for the announcement.

After denying the allegations for a long time, the pair finally confirmed their relationship on New Year’s Eve in 2019. Tegan also tweeted a photo of herself kissing Kyle in front of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, which she described as “awesome.”

What is Tegan Kynaston’s age in real life?

Tegan Kynaston is presently 35 years old, according to her wiki page.

Her actual age and birth date have not yet been made public due to the nature of the situation. As for her partner Kyle, he is presently fifty years old, having been born in the Australian city of Brisbane in the year 1971. Every year on June 10th, he gathers with his friends and family to celebrate his birthday.

The Birth of Tegan Kynaston’s Child

When Tegan Kynaston and Kyle Sandiford were interviewed on Studio 10 on November 23, 2021, they disclosed their hopes to have a child.

Kyle stated that he had never considered having children, most likely as a result of his difficult upbringing in the military. When asked about his feelings on his parent’s divorce, he said that he was 10 years old at the time and that the experience had a profound impact on him.

To summarise, it looks that Kyle has moved on from the circumstance and is now prepared to become a parent. His sperm was also tested as part of the procedure. The pair will most likely announce some wonderful news in the near future.

Tegan Kynaston’s Net Worth Has Been Unveiling

There is currently no information available about Tegan Kynaston’s net worth.

Nueva Drinks Co. is her current employer, according to her LinkedIn profile, and she is the co-founder and Managing Director. As a former director of communications for her boyfriend’s firm, King Kyle Pty Ltd, she has a wealth of experience in the field. It is assumed that she has a substantial income based on her previous employment history.

Tegan Kynaston’s Instagram Account Has Been Revealed

According to her Instagram profile, Tegan Kynaston is not active.

Apart from Instagram, she doesn’t seem to be active on other social media networks such as Twitter or Facebook.

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