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Would apple support ever call me?

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No, Apple will NEVER be the one to make the first telephone call to a consumer. It is a con job. If you have changed the password for your Apple ID, then you should be secure as long as you did not disclose any additional personally identifiable information or allow them access to your Mac. You shouldn’t expect a call from Apple.

When it comes to customer service, does Apple ever call you?

Apple will not contact you by phone in the event that there are issues with your account. If someone is attempting to use your account, you may get an email. If this happens, hover your mouse over the sender’s email address to verify that it belongs to the correct person.

Why do I keep receiving calls from Apple’s support staff?

Scammers, according to the Apple support team, are using customer support numbers to fake their calls, making it seem as if the call is coming from Apple when in reality it is not. The caller will then put you under pressure to either information or money. Hang up immediately and get in touch with Apple’s customer service if you get an unexpected call from someone purporting to be from the company.

How can I get Apple’s support team to stop calling me?

To start, go to Settings > Phone. Adjust the settings for Call Blocking and Identification. You may enable or disable the app using the toggle next to Allow These Apps to Block Calls and Provide Caller ID. You may also rearrange the applications in the order of their importance.

What is the number to call the toll-free number 800 692 7753?

Apple’s website, Apple.com, is an easy and quick destination to buy Apple goods as well as accessories made by Apple and other companies. You may place your order on the internet or by calling (800) MY-APPLE (800-692-7753). The Order Status page of the Apple Online Store is where you may see information on an order that you have previously made there.

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Does Apple contact you if they discover that your iCloud account has been compromised?

No, Apple will NEVER be the one to make the first telephone call to a consumer. It is a con job. If you have changed the password for your Apple ID, then you should be secure as long as you did not disclose any additional personally identifiable information or allow them access to your Mac. You shouldn’t expect a call from Apple.

Does Apple give you a call to let you know if your account has been hacked?

Remember that Apple will never contact you to inform you that your account has been hacked. If you do pick up the phone by mistake, immediately hang up and do not reveal any personal information or carry out any of the activities that the scammer wants you to accomplish with your computer.

Does Apple contact you if they discover a security issue on your account?

iCloud security breach phone call question about Apple Answer: A: No, Apple does not place calls of this kind. All such calls are frauds perpetrated by con artists who are aiming to steal your personal information as well as your financial details. The callers will often utilise a tactic known as “number spoofing” to give the impression that they are calling from a real company.

Why did I receive a call informing me that someone broke into my iCloud account?

You will get a prerecorded message claiming that there has been questionable activity in your Apple iCloud account. This is yet another variation on the scam. In point of fact, they claim there is a possibility that your account has been compromised… It is a con job. They are attempting to get sensitive information about you, such as the password to your online account or your credit card number.

Why did I receive a call informing me that someone has hacked into my iCloud account?

These phone calls are part of a phishing scam, which is a fraudulent effort to obtain personally identifiable information from unsuspecting victims via the use of electronic communication. These con artists are attempting to deceive their victims into providing personal information as well as financial assistance.

What does it imply when it says that someone has breached your iCloud account?

Be wary of the most recent phone fraud that has been reported at Brown. This hoax alerts the victim that their iCloud account has been compromised, but in reality it is merely phishing for personal information that might potentially be used for identity theft.

Is there any truth to the Apple security warning that’s shown on my iPhone?

When you’re just surfing a website and all of a sudden a pop-up pops alerting you about a virus on your iPhone, it may be rather unsettling. Warnings about viruses and notifications about Apple security, such as these, are frauds aimed to persuade you to phone a number or touch on a link.

Will you let me know if someone else uses the Apple ID that I have?

Will Apple be able to tell it’s me if I use the same Apple ID that someone else has and they log in? The first response is “Yes!” Since 2017, Apple has included a new security feature that will send you an email in the event that your Apple ID is used to sign in to a different device. You have the ability to delete that device from your Apple ID in iCloud if the login was performed without your authorization.

What steps should I take if I suspect that someone else is using my Apple ID?

You can view the devices that you’re presently logged in to with your Apple ID by going to the Devices section of your Apple ID account page and looking at the information there:

  1. Sign in using the Apple ID associated with your account, and then scroll down to Devices.
  2. If you do not see your devices immediately, click View Details and answer the questions that are shown to you as a security measure.

How can I prevent iCloud calls that are not from Apple?

Android users have the ability to block specific numbers in addition to blocking all unrecognised calls and texts.

  1. Launch the Phone application.
  2. Choose Recent Calls from the menu.
  3. To ban or report the message as spam, tap the number and select it.
  4. Verify that you really do wish to ban calls from this number.

How does Apple make you aware that there has been a security breach?

According to the security website, the scam initiates an automated phone call to the customer with Apple’s logo, address, and a valid Apple phone number. The call advises the user that they need to return the call because there has been a data breach. After that, a 1-866 number is provided for the listener to call back. According to the security expert, the telephone number is “a recognised phishing source.”

What should you do if it tells you that your Apple ID is already being used by someone else?

Make sure your Apple ID password is up to date and use a secure password. Check that all of the sensitive and personal information in your account is up to date. You are responsible for rectifying any information that is inaccurate or that you are unfamiliar with, including your name.

Will I get a notification if another user logs into my iCloud account?

Instead, Tim Cook stated that Apple would now send warnings if someone attempts to change an account password, access iCloud backups, or signs into an account for the first time on a new device. These alerts will also be triggered whenever an account is accessed from a different device.

How can you detect whether a warning about a virus is fake?

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issues a warning that the scareware fraud may take many different forms, but that there are some indicators that can be used to spot it. You could, for instance, come across advertisements that claim to “eliminate viruses or spyware,” “protect privacy,” “enhance computer operation,” “eliminate unwanted files,” or “clear your registry;”

What are the telltale signs that your iPhone is infected with a virus?

Here is how to determine whether or not your iPhone or iPad has been infected with a virus.

  1. Your iPhone is jailbroken. …
  2. You are viewing applications that you are not familiar with…
  3. You will be swamped with pop-ups if you continue….
  4. A increase in cellular data use. …
  5. Your iPhone has reached an unsafe temperature…
  6. The battery is losing its charge more quickly.

Is it possible to hack my iPhone from a distant location?

Is it feasible to get unauthorised access to an iPhone remotely? It’s conceivable that this news may come as a surprise to you, but it is really feasible to hack an iOS device remotely. However, look on the bright side: there is a very good chance that it will never happen to you.

How can I report unwanted calls that come through on my iPhone?

The user has to activate an Unwanted Communication Reporting extension, also known as an SMS/Call Reporting extension, inside the Settings app (for more information, go to Settings > Phone > SMS/Call Reporting). This allows the user to report unwanted calls and text messages as spam. Only one of the available Unwanted Communication Reporting extensions may be enabled at a time by the user.

How can I prevent someone from getting my number when they contact me on my iPhone?

To prevent calls or texts from reaching your iPhone:

  1. Go to the Settings menu, then choose Phone.
  2. To see your caller ID, press the button.
  3. You may reveal or conceal your number by using the toggle switch.

Why is my iPhone muting incoming call volume?

Check the Ringer volume on your iPhone if the Ring mode is selected but your calls are still being muted even if the device is set to ring. It’s possible that the volume is either turned all the way down or completely off. If you have the settings on your iPhone arranged in such a way that allows it, the ringer level may often be increased or decreased using the volume buttons on the device.

Why do unknown numbers keep calling and without leaving a message on my voicemail?

In most cases, the purpose of automated calls that end abruptly is to confirm your phone number. It indicates that the system is trying to verify that the phone number is currently in use and that a live person answered the call. These calls will be short, and the majority of the time, the connection will be severed as soon as you say hello.