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Willie Falcon Net Worth Wikipedia- His Wife, Family and Age

Willie Falcon Net Worth Wikipedia- His Wife, Family and Age

During the 1970s and 1980s, Willie Falcon was the owner of a drug empire with a net worth of over $2 billion. Here are the most recent updates on his net worth, as well as his other personal information.

Willie Falcon is a former drug smuggler who was born in Cuba and raised in the United States. He is well known for his reign over Miami’s drug trade, which he exercised while in control of the territory.

During the time when he and his two other buddies were active, Willie was one of the most renowned drug lords in the history of American criminality. A new Netflix documentary series, “Cocaine Cowboys,” chronicles his days as a cocaine kingpin.

Willie Falcon’s Net Worth Has Been Unveiled

Willie Falcon, without a doubt, had a net worth in the multi-millions, despite the fact that he did not live up to his expectations in the process. Meanwhile, he was running a massive $2 billion narcotics operation across the city of Miami.

The former drug lord made a fortune by smuggling cocaine from several nations, particularly Colombia, which he used to increase his wealth. He was in charge of the vast majority of the illicit drug activities in Miami at the time.

Is Willie Falcon a part of the Wikipedia entry on him yet?

As far as we can tell, Willie Falcon’s biography is not yet included in Wikipedia. Nonetheless, his work is well-known enough that he was covered by almost all of the major news organisations back in the day.

His name is still famous today, and his popularity has risen to the top of the list as a result of the Netflix series that chronicles his life up to the year 2021. The drug warfare in Miami throughout the 1970s and 1980s are the subject of this television documentary series.

His true name is Augusto ” Willie” Falcon, and he is a Cuban immigrant who came to the United States as a child. He is a member of the famed Cocaine Cowboys of Miami, which also includes his brother Gustavo and his long-time buddy Magluta, and is one of their three members.

The trio has been accused of importing and distributing more than 75 tonnes of cocaine in the United States, with the majority of the sales occurring in Miami.

He, along with his companion Magluta, were brought in front of the court, yet they were found not guilty when it was discovered that the two had bribed the whole court jury with a bribe.

Following the bribes, the couple was condemned to jail once again, with Falcon receiving a term of 20 years in prison. He was released in 2017 and was taken into more serious custody, as well as deported, before being released again.

The Age of Willie Falcon Has Been Revealed

According to our sources, Willie Falcon is now in his mid-60s at the time of this writing. Despite this, we have not yet been able to get all of the pertinent information on his birthdate.

Meet Willie Falcon’s Wife and Their Children

Willie was married to Alina Rossique, with whom he shared a home and had a family of five children. Their three children were named Aileen Martinez, Jessica Falcon, and William Falcon, and they all grew up in the same household.

Unfortunately, his wife Alina was shot numerous times in the face and died as a result of the attack. In August 1992, she was leaving a beauty salon in Coral Gables when she was killed at the age of 33, a tragically premature death.

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