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Will there be a sequel to v for vendetta?

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There has never been a continuation of the action movie V for Vendetta, which was released in 2005 and was adapted from a graphic book written by Alan Moore and David Lloyd. And it’s quite unlikely that there ever will be again. But in a recent question-and-answer session with Buzzfeed, Natalie Portman, who plays V for Vendetta’s lead character, said that she is open to the idea of a sequel.

Is V for Vendetta set in 2020?

The story of the movie, which came out in 2006, revolves on a civil war and the aftereffects it has on the United States at the same time when a virus is sweeping over Europe. To my surprise, the story takes place either in the year 2020 or in the years immediately before it. In addition, the events that take place in the movie start on November 5 and go on from there.

Why is V for Vendetta banned?

Films that oppose tyranny have been removed from China’s main streaming sites. TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – It has been reported that a dystopian political action film was taken off the shelves of some of China’s most prominent online video sites due to supposed anti-government elements in the film.

Is Evey’s father the V character in V for Vendetta?

There were no cellular abnormalities whatsoever. In the comic, his confidante Evey Hammond mulls over the possibility that V may be her own father, who was detained as a political prisoner many years ago. V, on the other hand, vehemently denies that this is the case, and Moore has said that V is not Evey’s father.

Is V for Vendetta set in 2032?

The film “V for Vendetta,” which was adapted from Alan Moore and David Lloyd’s comic book series of the same name, is set in a dystopian version of London in the year 2032. In the film, an anti-government anti-hero known as “V” uses violence to bring down a totalitarian right-wing state known as Norsefire.

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Does Danny Dyer have a vengeance against him?

The follow-up to the vigilantes Stephen Reynolds will helm the “big scale” action film Vendetta 2: Annihilation, which is a sequel to the first film. Watch the teaser for the much-maligned film ‘Pimp’ starring Danny Dyer: Dyer, an actor who still demands large sums of money as a result of the cult following he has built up, has agreed to play the following character on Hollyoaks: Later.

In the film “V for Vendetta,” how old was Natalie Portman?

However, the actress, who is just 24 years old, said that she “wasn’t accustomed to being gazed at that much.” “When I go down the street, I can normally blend in, but when you’re a female with a shaved head, people really look at you,” she said. Monday was the day when a screening of the picture, which James McTeigue directed, was shown outside of the competition.

Is V for Vendetta Bulletproof?

V: The past can’t harm you anymore, unless you allow it. V: Beneath this mask, Mr. Creedy, there is more than flesh. Beneath this mask, there is an idea, and ideas are impervious to harm.

In the movie “V for Vendetta,” what exactly is Larkhill?

The Norsefire organisation operated a concentration camp at the Larkhill Resettlement Camp. It was there that V first opened his eyes.

In the movie “V for Vendetta,” what exactly happened to the world?

Over the course of those intervening years, nuclear war swept the whole planet. England remained uninjured from the fight, but as a direct result of the immense emotion and anxiety felt by its people, the Norsefire party quickly rose to power. Norsefire was an organisation that stood for staunchly conservative principles and emphasised the importance of God in their lives.

Why V for Vendetta is the finest movie ever?

The messages that are sent through in the film V for Vendetta are primarily social in nature, but they are also somewhat educational. You may find yourself giving things you used to take for granted a second thought after seeing this movie. It features some of the finest language and delivery that I’ve ever seen in a movie, and it also has one of the best endings in the history of the world.

When does the action of V: vendetta take place?

While the graphic book series takes place in 1997, the events of the movie V for Vendetta take place in the year 2027.

Is the book Get Out a dystopian work?

Peele has constructed a work of American dystopia that encapsulates the still-present and heinous nature of white supremacy in the United States. It is more than just a cautionary tale since it foreshadows the dangers of a high-tech world in which technology serves the demands of elderly aristocrats by converting Black people into hosts for their prejudiced…

After seeing V for Vendetta, what else should I watch?

If you enjoyed V for Vendetta, here are ten films you should check out.

  1. The Matrix Trilogy is the first (1999-2003)
  2. 2 Blade Runner Duology (1982-2017) …
  3. Three Mad Max Series (1979-2015)…!!-!!!!-!! …!!-!! 4 Sin City Duology (2005-2014) Five, Twelve Monkeys (1995)…!!-!!!!-!! 6 Children of Men, which was released in 2006…!!-!! …!!-!! 7 District 9 (2009)…!!-!! 8 Watchmen (2009) …
  4. Can you tell me about the St. Mary’s virus?
  5. Because of the radiation, corpses, and sheer number of deaths that were concentrated in that little region, St. Mary’s Lake became infected with a particularly terrible virus. This lake became infected with the St. Mary’s virus, which then began to spread over the surrounding area. The infection was responsible for the deaths of one hundred thousand people in within the first six months after the explosion.
  6. How was it that vendetta was unharmed by the bullets?
  7. His body was protected by armour made of steel plates. He dumps it after breaking Mr. It is reasonable to assume that steel plate armour would be able to withstand pistol rounds of the type that his adversaries were using. Even though it hurt like hell, it was probably possible for a bulletproof vest to do the same thing.
  8. How can V escape being shot V for Vendetta?

The decisive event in the graphic book comes when the government’s CCTV surveillance buildings are destroyed by V, which weakens the government’s grip over British residents. However, after being shot by Finch, V suffers a life-threatening injury, and he eventually makes his way back to the Shadow Gallery, where he passes away in Evey’s arms.

Did Natalie Portman and Hayden Christensen date?

Christensen and Portman were alleged to have dated in the year 2000, just after the release of Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace, according to MTV.com; however, this was never proven. The film in question was Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace. Although it is common knowledge that Portman dates her co-stars, there is no solid proof to support the assertion that Christensen was one of the fortunate guys she dated.

What is the actual name of Natalie Portman’s family?

Natalie Hershlag, better known by her stage name Natalie Portman, is an Israeli-American actress who was born in Jerusalem on June 9, 1981. She is well recognised for the aristocratic grace and sensitivity with which she evinced the problems of sophisticated precocious young women in her roles.

How much does Natalie Portman weight?

Natalie Portman height is 5′ 3″ (160 cm) (160 cm). 118 pounds is what Natalie Portman weighs in at (53.5 kg). The cinematic roles that Natalie Portman plays, in addition to her pregnancy, might cause her weight to shift at times.

Who is the British actor in question?

Daniel John Dyer is a British actor and broadcaster. He was born on July 24, 1977 in England.

Who is Mr Rookwood V?

When V meets Inspector Finch and Dominic to share information of the scheme behind the St. Mary’s crisis, he pretends to be William Rookwood so that he may keep his identity a secret. V engages in such conduct for the purpose of negotiating the provision of round-the-clock surveillance on Mr. Creedy, which, in turn, enables him to persuade Creedy to act in opposition to Chancellor Sutler.

Natalie Portman height is 5′ 3″ (160 cm). Natalie Portman’s weight is 118 pounds (53.5 kg). Sometimes, Natalie Portman’s weight fluctuates, based on her movie roles and pregnancy.

Who is IR British actor?

Daniel John Dyer (born 24 July 1977) is an English actor and presenter.

Who is Mr Rookwood V?

V is disguised as William Rookwood when he meets Inspector Finch and Dominic to give details of the plot behind the St. Mary’s crisis. The reason V does this is to bargain for the 24-hour suveillance of Mr. Creedy, which in turn allows him to convince Creedy to turn against Chancellor Sutler.