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Why Was Trevian Kutti Arrested? Kanye West Publicist Net Worth & Instagram,wiki

Why Was Trevian Kutti Arrested? Kanye West Publicist Net Worth & Instagram,wiki

What was the reason behind Trevian Kutti’s arrest? Learn more about the net worth and Instagram account of Kanye West’s publicist.

Trevian Kutti is a marketer and brand strategist based in New York City. According to sources, she allegedly forced a Georgia election worker to testify in a phoney fraud investigation on December 10, 2021.

It is imperative that we get complete information on the events that led to Trevian Kutti’s arrest.

Why Was Trevian Kutti taken into custody? Publicist for Kanye West

A former R. Kelly publicist and current Kanye West associate, Trevian Kutti, was detained after reportedly pushing a 62-year-old Georgia poll worker to confess to voting fraud and false claims weeks after the 2020 presidential election, according to Reuters.

“a Kanye West associate and FORMER PUBLICIST TO R KELLY,” according to the source.

Trevian Kutti is the world’s most despicable person today, according to Maddow. https://t.co/WII9bwnkve

On December 11, 2021, Team Pajamas (@kfairwrites) tweeted:

A visit from Kutti to Ruby Freeman’s home on Jan. 4, 2021, is said to have been in response to death threats she had received after being targeted by both Trump and a far-right website, which claimed that Freeman and her daughter had used suitcases of forged Biden ballots to assist him in winning the election. It was determined that the ballots were legitimate.

Later in the month, the couple filed a defamation lawsuit against The Gateway Pundit, claiming that the website was defamatory.

According to the complaint, the publication’s stories sparked a wave of intimidation, harassment, and threats, prompting the plaintiffs to change their phone numbers, deactivate their online identities, and worry for their personal safety as a result of the harassment and threats.

Trevian Kutti’s Wikipedia page and Instagram account: What kind of age is he?

Trevian Kutti is a publicist, marketer, and brand strategist that works in the entertainment industry. She also maintains an active presence on Instagram, where she goes by the name @treviankutti.

In a criminal complaint filed in New York, Trevian Kutti, a Kanye West acquaintance and former publicist for R. Kelly, is accused of pushing an election worker to admit to voting fraud or risk being arrested. she said to one of the workers, “You are a loose end for a party that needs to wrap up.” https://t.co/yur4Fya9eV

2021 December 10th, via Twitter: @RollingStone

In 2012, Kutti expanded his portfolio even further, adding HBO docuseries production and artist management to his already impressive list of accomplishments as a well-known market and brand strategist in the fashion, entertainment, and media sectors.

Her client list includes high-end designer stores and factories, as well as prominent media and public relations companies, as well as the personalities that help businesses flourish in their respective fields.

Kutti is 51 years old and is around 5 feet 3 inches tall. He is married and has two children.

What is the net worth of Trevian Kutti?

Various sources suggest that Trevian Kutti’s net worth is between $1 and $5 million.

According to her LinkedIn page, she has acquired that position via a long and successful career that has spanned more than a decade. Following her breakup from R. Kelly in 2018, reports about Kutti’s connection with Kanye West began to circulate in the public domain.

Trevian Kutti worked as a publicist for R. Kelly as well. https://t.co/AfZtseD31T https://t.co/8rgfgIwshT

• Maya Wiley (@mayawaily) on December 10, 2021, on Twitter:

Trevian Kutti is dating someone else.

Trevian Kutti has chosen to remain mum about the identity of her lover for the time being. She has been mum about her personal life and hasn’t shared anything on any social media platform, which is unusual for her.

Following her arrest, she is expected to provide further information about her personal life to the public.

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