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Why Was Oakboro Police Chief TJ Smith Suspended? Salary, Wife And Age Revealed

Why Was Oakboro Police Chief TJ Smith Suspended? Salary, Wife And Age Revealed

TJ Smith has been accused of violating police rules. TJ Smith’s Suspension: Why Was He Suspended? Let us ascertain the grounds for his suspension.

TJ Smith is the town of Oakboro’s suspended Police Chief, who has been out of work for two weeks due to a violation of police standards.

Numerous residents of Oakboro have come out in support of the Chief, where they have been pleading for forgiveness for the last time as each individual acknowledges their life’s mistake.

On the other side, some individuals are requesting that the department fire him for violating official regulations. Meanwhile, several individuals are enraged by his reckless behaviour.

Why Was TJ Smith, the Oakboro Police Chief, Suspended?

According to the official disciplinary letter delivered to TJ Smith, Smith was suspended for two weeks. Additionally, he was put on six-month probation on December 21, 2021. He was suspended from his post as a result of his irresponsible behaviour, in which he advised to his officer that he get bogus COVID 19 vaccination cards.

Following such an absurd incident, the Town of Oakboro, North Carolina, took disciplinary action against him. He revealed in an interview with WMBF News that he sent the officer to the facility, where they could get the face vaccination card without receiving a real vaccine injection.

Oakboro Police Chief TJ Smith alerted officers about a “clinic” where they may go if they were not vaccinated in order to get bogus vaxx cards. He will get away with it because law enforcement officers who violate the law are not held accountable. #COVIDIOTS image from Twitter: https://twitter.com/18Zwb1x7DY

December 26, 2021 — Dr.Aditi (@aditinfinite)

How Old Is TJ Smith?

TJ Smith has been a member of the police force for a lengthy period of time, having turned forty-two this year. Meanwhile, others maintain that he has not engaged in this kind of action since they took over the town.

Additionally, several residents defend his earlier conduct in town since they have known him for years.

TJ Smith’s Wife: Who Is She?

TJ Smith is a married guy with a lovely wife. A media source revealed that his wife’s name is Cindy Thompson.

On his Facebook page, Smith has posted some lovely photos of himself with his wife and children. Although he has not made many references to his family in the public, it seems as if he is quite close to his wife and children.

TJ Smith’s Wage

TJ Smith’s yearly compensation from the Town of Oakboro, North Carolina, may exceed $41,616. However, the precise number remains unknown.

According to several sources, the average income for a police officer in Oakboro, North Carolina is $41,616.

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