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Why coursera is not free anymore?

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Auditing a Coursera course is generally free of charge; but, if you wish to access graded assignments or obtain a Course Certificate, you will need to pay…. This is especially the case given that the Coursera app only consists of a single screen, and the information is only accessible when users have successfully registered in.

When did Coursera no longer provide its services at no cost?

At first, it had been planned for them to continue to be free until the month of May came to a conclusion. However, as a result of the promotion’s overwhelming popularity, Coursera decided to extend it—first through July 31, then until the year 2020. However, it wasn’t the end of the story. Learners were given the opportunity to choose one of more than 25 different courses and obtain a free certificate in order to celebrate the start of the year 2021.

Is Coursera Going to Be Free in 2020?

Coursera provides access to free online classes, many of which are taught by prestigious educational institutions or major corporations like Google. Participants get access to all of the course materials, and they may pay a nominal charge to receive a completion certificate. The online programmes offered by Coursera include a wide variety of subjects, ranging from public health to resume writing.

Is the certificate from Coursera still valid?

Courses on Coursera have been approved by some of the most prestigious educational institutions in the world, and the platform’s credentials are widely recognised by businesses. It differs from many other suppliers of eLearning courses in that it awards recognised credentials and actual degrees that might be beneficial to your professional life.

How can I gain access to the free version of Coursera Plus?

How to Get Free Access to Coursera Courses in the Year 2021

  1. Visit Coursera at their website and sign up for an account….
  2. Look Around For The Class That Suits You Best…
  3. Simply click the “Join for Free” button… !!!-!!! Select “Audit The Single Course” from the drop-down menu…
  4. You’ve reached the beginning of your free Coursera course. …
  5. Free Courses on Specializations and Professional Certifications and How to Obtain Them.
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If I receive a credential from Coursera, would it help me find a job?

Coursera has just introduced Professional Certificates, which, in case you were unaware, may assist you in becoming job-ready for a high-demand professional sector in a period of time that is shorter than one year. You will be able to have access to career development resources, acquire a career certification by applying your knowledge to hands-on projects that display your talents to potential employers, and earn the certificate.

Is it worthwhile to get Coursera Plus?

To summarise, enrolling in Coursera Courses with the use of Coursera Plus is not only an economical but also flexible option. If you want to get more than one certification via Coursera, I strongly suggest that you enrol in the Coursera Plus membership. Not only will you save money each month, but you will also have access to an infinite number of training materials and certifications.

Are credentials earned via Coursera recognised by universities?

Students who successfully complete courses or programmes will be awarded certifications of completion, which will also be provided free of charge. These certifications will allow students to have the course count for credit at their home colleges or universities. Institutions were able to provide their enrolled students with access to the entire Coursera catalogue.

Can I include my participation in Coursera on my resume?

You should include your Coursera credentials in the Education part of your resume, unless there is a compelling reason not to do so…. If this is the case, it may be to your interest to emphasise your Coursera certification individually at the top of your resume. This will ensure that everyone reading your CV is aware of your current area of concentration.

Is it possible to cheat on Coursera?

Students who enrol in a massive open online course (MOOC) via Coursera have the opportunity to earn a certificate upon achieving a passing grade in the programme. This service has a starting price of $49 for each certificate, and the price includes a verification of your identification to ensure that you were the one who turned in the assignments and that there was no cheating involved.

Are colleges using and recommending Coursera?

To answer your question, the short answer is that colleges do like it because they want to see that you’re prepared for the rigour there, and taking college-level online courses are a great way to demonstrate this to them. The longer answer is that colleges do like it because they want to see that you’re prepared for the rigour there.

Which platform, EdX or Coursera, would you recommend?

The topic matter that may be found on either platform is rather extensive. Coursera, on the other hand, is primarily geared on providing professional training, such as degrees in computer science and business. EdX provides a wide variety of classes in both the social sciences and the scientific sciences. Costs: There is no cost associated with using the audit versions of any site.

What are the advantages of enrolling in Coursera plus?

Coursera Plus. Unrestricted Access to more than 3,000 Different Online Courses Unlimited access to more than 3,000 world-class courses, hands-on projects, and career-ready certificate programmes for one flat monthly membership fee that includes everything.

What are the benefits of enrolling in Coursera plus?

With a Coursera Plus membership, users get unrestricted access to ninety percent of the platform’s available courses. When you enrol in a multi-course programme known as a speciality, you have the opportunity to save a significant amount of money, acquire various credentials that you can add to your CV or LinkedIn profile, and study multiple courses.

With a credential from Coursera, what kinds of employment am I eligible for?

For instance, Coursera Specializations provide educational paths for a number of careers that are currently experiencing high levels of demand. These careers include digital marketing, data science, mobile development, web development, engineering for machine learning, financial analysis, and management.

How long will a credential earned on Coursera be valid?

Your registration will become invalid and you will be required to pay to re-enroll in the course if you do not acquire your course certificate within the first 180 days of your enrollment.

How much does it cost to enrol in a specialty on Coursera?

Prices for subscriptions normally range from $39 to $89 each month for access to a single Specialization, and there is no need to make a commitment to the service for an extended period of time. When you subscribe to a Specialization, you will have access to all of the material that is included in each of the courses that are included in that Specialization for as long as your membership is current.

Which learning platform, LinkedIn or Coursera, is superior?

When compared to LinkedIn, it is clear that Coursera provides a better return on investment than LinkedIn does. If we examine the quality of the content and learning materials supplied by Coursera and LinkedIn, we can find that Coursera provides higher-quality information than LinkedIn does. This is especially true in terms of the overall content quality.

Can I go at my own speed during the Coursera lessons?

Being able to legitimately work at your own speed is a huge benefit. It would seem that Coursera is aware of this fact. There is a time constraint of six months to finish the content of one month’s worth of the course. There is a possibility that this may change from course to course, however in “Marketing in a Digital World,” it was the maximum amount of time allowed.

Is the cost of using edX greater than that of using Coursera?

Comparing edX and Coursera Summary The cost of an edX course might range anywhere from fifty dollars to three hundred dollars. In addition to that, it provides Master’s degrees, the prices of which range anywhere from $10,000 to $25,000…. While edX specialises on certain fields like computer science, engineering, and the humanities, Coursera provides access to roughly 4,000 different classes across a variety of topics.

Is HarvardX affiliated with Harvard University in any way?

HarvardX is an independent representation of Harvard’s academic variety and showcases the University’s finest quality programmes to serious learners all over the world. It was launched in tandem with edX, which is a non-profit learning platform that was developed by Harvard and MIT.

What sets Coursera apart from edX in terms of its educational offerings?

The primary distinction between EdX and Coursera is that the former provides a greater number of scientifically oriented classes, while the latter provides a more well-rounded curriculum. EdX also gives users the opportunity to enrol in free courses without the possibility of receiving a degree, while Coursera often asks students to pay for their classes.

What are the benefits and drawbacks of participating in MOOCs?


Cost-effective. The vast majority of massive open online courses (MOOCs) are offered for free to any student who wants to take them…

  • Convenient for both students and potential employers…
  • Give them exposure to a wide range of cultures and countries…
  • The conversations that take place in the classroom may be difficult…
  • It’s possible that teachers can’t give each kid the attention they need in huge classes…
  • Learners often struggle to maintain their motivation.
  • Do universities embrace MOOCs?

There are already a great number of educational institutions that provide such online classes; nevertheless, the most of them were established at prestigious educational institutions like MIT and Stanford. MOOCs are massive open online courses that are available to anybody, as their name suggests, and many of them are taught by renowned authorities in their respective fields.

Is it a good idea for high school students to use Coursera?

High school students have the opportunity to make the most of the long, hot days of summer by participating in educational activities. Online lessons via Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) like those offered by Coursera or edX may assist demonstrate to institutions that you are serious about your studies and prepared to handle difficult subject matter on your own initiative.

With summer in full swing, high school students can help fill the long, hot summer days with learning. Online classes through Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) like Coursera or edX can help show universities that you are serious and ready to tackle challenging material voluntarily.