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Whos the red hair guy in black clover?

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In Black Clover, Zora Ideale plays an important role as a supporting protagonist. In the Japanese version, his voice was provided by Hikaru Midorikawa, but in the English version, it was provided by Johnny Yong Bosch.

Who is the man with red hair in black clover?

Zora Ideale, sometimes spelled Zora Idere, is a Junior Magic Knight of the first class serving with the Black Bull and Royal Knights teams of the Clover Kingdom. He is also the son of Zara Ideale, who was the first peasant to become a Magic Knight. During the Royal Knights Selection Exam, he deceives his examiners by pretending to be Xerx Lugner.

Who was the one to murder Zara Ideale?

2. Cruel Past. His father, Zara Ideale, was a member of the Purple Orca team and was killed while on a mission. Zora overhears a discussion between his father’s squadmate and another man when he is visiting his grave, and the other man reveals that he murdered Zara because Zara was a commoner.

Is Zora Ideale evil guy?

1 SAW COMING: Zora Ideale Being a True Example of a Good Person Zora was originally seen in combat against Zerx Lugner, and the manner in which Zora defeated and impersonated Zerx Lugner gave the appearance that Zora was the villain. Because Kirsch is a Royal, it may be assumed that he has a significant amount of magical power.

What brought Zora Ideale to the attention of the Black Bulls?

When Zora was engaged in combat with a band of Magic Knights many years ago, he was approached by a member of the Black Bulls and invited to join their organisation. Zora will, at some point, meet paths with Captain Yami, and when they do, Yami will totally destroy Zora. !!!-!!! We found 35 questions that are connected to this topic.

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