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Who Is Tom Pitfield? Catherine Tyldesley Husband, Age And Children Names

Who Is Tom Pitfield? Catherine Tyldesley Husband, Age And Children Names

What is Tom Pitfield’s background? The following information is available about Catherine Tyldesley’s marriage.

Tom Pitfield is a personal trainer and photographer located in Manchester.

Apart from this, he is well-known for his appearance on the ITV1 programme “Eat, Sleep, Save.” Catherine Tyldesley, his wife, is an English actress. She made a statement earlier this year about her husband’s mental health concerns after the onset of his hair loss.

And now, Catherine is a social media sensation after revealing that she is 14 weeks pregnant and expecting a beautiful child.

What Is Tom Pitfield’s Background?

Tom Pitfield operates Thomas Pitfield Photography as a freelance photographer.

Apart from photography, he is also a personal trainer. According to some old stories, he formerly worked as a fitness consultant at Hale Country Club in Cheshire, which he departed in 2018.

Additionally, Tom began his acting career with the ITV1 series “Eat, Sleep, Save” in 2017. He was one of three experts in the series presented by Ranvir Singh of Good Morning Britain. He provided professional advice on fitness, diet, and living a healthy lifestyle.

Following his television series debut, he featured as a special guest on Alan Carr’s Epic Gameshow in 2021. Although he has been in a few films, his acting career is still in its infancy.

Tom specialises in Corporate Headshots, Personal Branding Syndication, and Fashion & Editorial, according to his Instagram profile.

While we know a great deal about his professional career, what about his training? He obtained an L3 qualification in personal training from Runshaw College.

Names Of Tom Pitfield’s Wife And Children

Tom Pitfield is a content spouse of Catherine Tyldesley.

His wife is a well-known actress and comedian. Lilies, Coronation Street, and Scarborough are among her most well-known works. However, her admirers adore her as Eva Price on ITV’s Coronation Street. However, in June 2012, she stated that playing Eva kept her away from males.

Following that, Catherine started dating Tom, and on 24 August 2014, the couple announced their pregnancy. Their engagement was then made public on August 30 of the same year. Their first child, Alfie, was born on 18 March 2015, and the couple married on May 21.

They announced the birth of their second child on 10 October 2021. Additionally, they revealed the baby’s gender, which is girl. The name, on the other hand, seems to be a surprise.

However, this whole pregnant experience must have been a great time for Tom’s wife, since she has been battling hormone imbalance for many years, causing her to resemble pregnancy. Tom, on the other hand, was just emotional with the announcement.

Age of Tom Pitfield

Tom Pitfield is a 34-year-old man.

Several major news organisations confirmed his age. Given this, he must have been born in 1987. His wife, who was born on 17 September 1983, is 38 years old.

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