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Who Is Siki Khamisa? Moti Family – Son Nazim & Grandkids – Dead Or Alive

Who Is Siki Khamisa? Moti Family - Son Nazim & Grandkids - Dead Or Alive

Siki Khamisa has been identified as the grandpa of the Moti children who were abducted on October 21. Here’s a closer look at the family details!

Siki Khamisa was a businessman from South Africa.

Though he kept his seclusion throughout his life, his identity has reappeared on the web after the kidnapping of his four grandkids in broad sight.

The revelation of one of the affluent children’s abduction has sparked outrage on South African soil.

With such a heartbreaking tragedy involving the Moti family, several family members and close acquaintances have also been the focus of media attention.

Siki Khamisa: Who Is She? Meet A Member Of The Moti Family

Siki Khamisa was a prominent member of South Africa’s aristocratic Moti family.

While the Moti family is a well-known business family in the nation, Siki’s personal information is currently unavailable.

I can only image how Nazim and Shakira Moti must be feeling after the kidnapping of their sons Zia, Alaan, Zayyad, and Zidan. Consider going to bed and being unaware of your children’s whereabouts. This is depressing. Kindly pray for their safe return. #Polokwane #MotiBrothers pic.twitter.com/lFhrfzW97l

—Faizel Patel (@FaizelPatel143) 20 October 2021

In terms of his birthday and age at the time of his death, the general public remains in the dark.

As it seems that the late Siki was quite conscientious about his public appearance, not many people are aware of him at the moment.

Now that the abduction of his grandkids has become a major national storey, his name has resurfaced.

Meet His Son Nazim and His Grandchildren

Nazim Khamisa, Siki Khamisa’s son, is a businessman located in Limpopo. Nazim Moti is his son, and Shakira Moti is his daughter-in-law.

The Moti family is of Indian descent and is one of South Africa’s richest families.

All four of his grandchildren, Zidan, Zayyad, Alaan, and Zia, were abducted on their way to Curro Heuwelkruin, a private school in Dalmada, on October 21.

The authorities then retrieved the children’s smartphones that had been abandoned in the Flora Park area. Moti youngsters range in age from six to fifteen years.

How did you spend your last night’s sleep?

Ammara and I did not get a wink. The #MotiBrothers are all offspring of South African parents. No parent should have to endure the agony associated with a lost child. Let us pray for the Moti boys’ safe homecoming and remember their parents Nazim and Shakira photo. twitter.com/KYddzFdnwS

October 21, 2021 — Faizel Patel (@FaizelPatel143)

Meanwhile, no ransom demand has been placed on the family.

While a result, the incident has kept the Moti family on edge, as the kidnappers’ motive remains unclear.

Is Siki Khamisa Alive Or Dead?

Siki Khamisa’s death has been verified as of today. At the present, comprehensive insider accounts of his death and latter years of life are unavailable.

We aim to get further insider accounts of the late Siki’s life and also to update this area.

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