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Who is mwaka mugala?

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Mwaka Mugala is a media personality, a television presenter and actress who plays Zuba on Zambezi Magic’s Telenovela Zuba. She’s an all round creative in visual and performing arts. Her favourite things to do away from work are paint and cook.

Is mwaka mugala Tonga?

Mwaka does not speak Zuba’s native language of Tonga and has at times been criticised for her accent and pronunciation, which she aims to improve. 4. Her father Alec Mugala is a media guru who has many years in Zambia’s media industry.

Who is mwaka Mugalas father?

Mwaka’s biggest role model is her dad, Alec Mugala. Mr Mugala is a media guru in his own right, who has been involved in the industry for many years. And it was her dad who rooted for her on stage when she was just a young girl.

Who is Alec mugala?

Television Producer and Graphic Artist Working on Documentary Productions and Series such as Game shows and Talk Shows. Also designing Television Studio Sets and On-Screen Graphics.

What tribe is mwaka?

Mwaka is a surname of the Lunda tribe, meaning: calendar year.

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What does mwaka mugala do?

Mwaka Mugala – News Anchor, Presenter, Producer – Diamond Television | LinkedIn.

Who plays Natasha in Zuba?

Sophia Chapeshamano (@sophiachapeshamano) • Instagram photos and videos.

Why did elkanah LUAM leave Zuba?

The answer is not farfetched. Sources say Luam opted out because of exploitation by the owners of the production. He is one of the top actors in Zuba but his take home paycheck is said to be below K10,000 per month.

Does Sam Sakala have a twin?

Some have also asked if he has a twin brother as it appears on the show, and the answer is no.

What happened Zone Fam?

The group is currently disbanded and was managed by Duncan Sodala between 2009 and 2014 – He also manages the Zone Fam brand.

What is Zuba’s real name?

There are other characters surrounding Zuba (Mwaka Mugala) that are easily recognisable to the viewers such as Limbikani (Henry BJ Phiri), who was known as Ngalande when he featured in another local television drama ‘Kabanana’.

What happened to yemba?

First, in the story, Sosala, Yemba, and Suwi disappeared at the outset of season two. Sosala abandoned the family, Yemba died in prison but Suwi returned. Then Pingiwe and Thando vanished. It turned out that they were kidnapped and later rescued.

Is elkanah LUAM married?

WEDDING BELLS | Former Zuba actor Elkanah Luam today married his sweetheart Nsofwa. Congratulations to the new couple in town!

What is the name of Hannah’s husband?

Elkanah (Hebrew: אֱלְקָנָה‎ ‘Elqānāh “El has purchased”) was, according to the Books of Samuel, the husband of Hannah, and the father of her children including her first, Samuel. Elkanah practiced polygamy; his other wife, less favoured but bearing more children, was named Peninnah.

Is yemba dead in Zuba?

Zuba and Thando return from their honeymoon, the police find out that Yemba’s death was murder through Niko, an undercover cop.

What is yemba?

Yɛmba or Yemba, also Yémba or Bamiléké Dschang, is a major Bamileke language of Cameroon. It was spoken by 300,000 or so people in the West Region ca.

Why did peninnah look down at Hannah?

She would grieve Hannah by means of ordinary everyday activities, taking pains to remind her, at all hours of the day, of the difference between them. According to Jewish writer Lillian Klein, “Because the reader’s sympathies are directed toward the childless Hannah, Peninnah comes across as a malicious woman.

Is Elkanah a biblical name?

Biblical Names Meaning: In Biblical Names the meaning of the name Elkanah is: God the zealous; the zeal of God.