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Who is Matthew Person and Why Was He Arrested? Charges Explained?wiki

Who is Matthew Person and Why Was He Arrested? Charges Explained?wiki

Who is Matthew Person, and what is his background? This page includes all we know about him, including the accusations against him that were brought against him.

Matthew Person was apprehended by police in 2013.

He was employed by a corporation located on Wando Park Boulevard. Throughout the years, the police have apprehended a large number of persons with identical names. Their mugshots are also accessible for viewing on the internet.

Who is Matthew Person, and what is his background? Why Was He Arrested in the First Place? Charges are explained in detail.

Matthew Person is a Mount Pleasant resident who was arrested by police in 2013.

Despite several attempts to schedule meetings with authorities, he was unable to surrender himself. At the time, he was a resident and employee of Greenville, South Carolina.

In January 2013, the owner of a firm on Wando Park Boulevard accused Matthew of using the organization’s American Express card to purchase personal products with the money from the organization’s account. Then, on the 30th, he was sacked from his position.

According to reports, he used the card to pay for items worth $566 at Hertz Rental, $351 at Lowe’s, and $1,128 at Best Buy, among other places. Also, he completed purchases at Walmart and Budget Rental Car, amongst other places.

Aside from this occurrence, there is little to no information available about him on the internet, including his educational credentials, career experience, and family.

Matthew Person’s Arrest Records

It’s not possible to find a photograph of Matthew Person’s mugshot online.

However, 37-year-old Matthew Medlin is well-known for his photographs taken in prison. His most recent arrest occurred on May 12, 2020, when he was reportedly caught attempting to break into a Snack Shack. Transit cops caught up with him while he was in action and pursued him down. In an attempt to get away, he took refuge in the stockroom of a neighbouring supermarket.

When the cops apprehended him, he turned toward them, his hands tucked inside his jacket and threatening to shoot them in the head and neck. The cops, on the other hand, tasered him and ultimately apprehended and arrested him. Later, they discovered that he was not in possession of a firearm.

Medlin has an extensive criminal record that includes many arrests. His first arrest took place in 2002, and his mugshot depicted him as a clean-shaven guy at the time. Since then, he has been apprehended more than 20 times by the police.

His appearance has evolved over the years, as seen by a series of jail photographs taken throughout time. His tattoos and marks on his face appear gradually over time. Initially, he seemed to be a model-like beauty, but after almost two decades, his face was marred by jagged and sharp poorly-applied brow tattoos and tears, as well as tears from his eyes.

Those who look at Matthew’s mugshots, which indicate his spiral into addiction via scabs and body art, are unable to identify him as Matthew. 2013 was the year he received his now-famous tat as well as two pointed brows and four crudely inked tears.

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