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Who Is Jason Gilmore? Una Stubbs Son Age And Bio – Family, Job And Net Worth

Who Is Jason Gilmore? Una Stubbs Son Age And Bio - Family Job And Net Worth

Jason Gilmore is the actress Una Stubbs’ adoptive son. Her untimely passing stunned her lovers and family.

Jason Gilmore is most known as the son of Una Stubbs, a well-known figure.

She was an English actress, dancer, and television personality. She has been on British television and in stage productions, as well as in a few films.

‘Sherlock’ (2010), ‘Worzel Gumidge’ (1979), and ‘Till Death, Us Do Part’ (1979) are among her film credits (1965).

Regrettably, she passed away on August 12th, 2021, in her Edinburgh home, after many months of ill health. She died at the age of 84.

According to reports, the access died in the presence of her sons and other family members.

Jason Gilmore is the son of Una Stubbs.

Jason Gilmore is one of Una Stubbs’s adoptive kids. He was born to her first husband, Peter Gilmore.

Christian Henson, 35, and Joe Henson, 33, are his stepbrothers from his mother’s second marriage to actor Nicky Henson.

Una Stubbs, 84, was an actress best known for her work in television dramas such as Worzel Gummidge, Till Death Us Do Part, Sherlock, and EastEnders. https://t.co/jQRHMECUuB

— BBC News (@BBCNews) August 12, 2021

Jason Gilmore’s Biography

Jason Gilmore is 41 years old at the moment.

However, his current age and birth date remain unknown.

The fact that he was adopted as a youngster has long been known.

There is no straightforward way to see him as a person. He is well-known as the son of a prominent individual.

Additionally, there are just a few websites that include relevant information on Jason.

Jason Gilmore’s Family

In 1958, Jason Gilmore’s mother married fellow actor Peter Gilmore. Throughout their marriage, the couple adopted him.

Similarly, he has two stepbrothers, Christian Henson and Joe Henson.

They have a musical bent and have established themselves as composers. Christian has produced music for video games like ‘Zubo’ and ‘Assassin’s Creed,’ as well as television shows including ‘Fresh Meat,’ ‘Home,’ and ‘Inside No. 9’.

Joe Henson, likewise, created music for films like ‘Ripper Street,’ ‘Mongrels,’ and ‘Drugsland.’

What Is Jason Gilmore’s Occupation?

In terms of Jason Gilmore’s occupation, nothing is known about him.

There is no information on what he does for a livelihood or his previous accomplishments.

How Much Money Is Jason Gilmore Worth?

Due to the fact that Jason Gilmore’s current employment status is unknown, we are unable to compute his net worth or earnings.

However, his mother, Una Stubbs, has amassed a fortune of around $2.76 million over the course of her career.

The actress had a great career, appearing in programmes such as ‘Till Death Us Do Part’ and ‘EastEnders.’

She was well-known for her many television appearances.

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