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Who Is Harpreet Kaur From The Apprentice 2022? Her Age Wiki Business & Instagram

 Harpreet Kaur From The Apprentice 2022 is being featured on the BBC show along with other casts from January 6. Learn more about her in this article.

Harpreet Kaur is a candidate for the BBC TV series The Apprentice 2022. The Apprentice is a British reality show which has been on the BBC channel since the year 2005. The reality show has a total of 16 seasons.

It is an entertainment and factual show where business magnate Alan Sugar focuses on the group of businesspeople and focuses on their brains & nerves as they compete themselves to win a six-figure job as his apprentice.

The Apprentice has now announced the full cast line-up for the series 2022 and Harpreet Kaur is one of them.

Who Is Harpreet Kaur From The Apprentice 2022?

Harpreet Kaur from the Apprentice 2022 is an entrepreneur. She is the owner of a dessert parlor/ice cream parlour.

Harpreet Kaur describes herself as a “born leader” along with fearless and funny. Harpreet believes she is a born leader and is always motivated to become the best version of herself.

Harpreet gave an audition for the show- The Apprentice where she got selected as a cast and now her show is starting from January 6 onwards on BBC One.

Find Out Harpreet Kaur Wiki And Age

Harpreet Kaur now resides in West Yorkshire, England. Her ethnicity is Indian but now she is a British citizen. Harpreet plans to propel her successful, six-figure coffee and cakes business to become a dominant and pre-eminent brand in the UK.

Harpreet Kaur is now 30 years old and currently living with her dog Rosie and her family.

Meet Harpreet Kaur On Instagram

Harpreet Kaur is on an Instagram page with a username of @harpsi kaur. She has 1.4k followers on her Instagram account she is following 858 people. Harpreet is active on Instagram and posts pictures of her family, lifestyle including her dog.

Harpreet has a cute dog named Rosie and often posts pictures with Rosie on various occasions. Along with that, Harpreet has posts with her friends.

What Business Does Harpreet Kaur Have?

Harpreet Kaur is an entrepreneur and does various businesses. Harpreet runs a successful desert parlour which is a six-figure business.

Hoping to level up her business with the help of “lord sugar’s” investment, Harpreet went to The Apprentice show.

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