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Who Is Father Owen Keenan? Pastor From Merciful Redeemer Parish- Is He Suspended?

Who Is Father Owen Keenan? Pastor From Merciful Redeemer Parish- Is He Suspended?

Owen Keenan is a Roman Catholic priest who serves in the city of Mississauga. Continue reading the article to find out more about this man.

Owen Keenan is a Canadian clergyman who lives in the United Kingdom.

Recently, he has received negative feedback on the internet for certain remarks he made against residential schools during a sermon.

Who is Father Owen Keenan, and what is his background?

Owen Keenan is a Roman Catholic priest who serves at Merciful Redeemer Parish in Mississaugua, Ontario, which is located in the West Toronto neighbourhood.

It is his job to provide guidance to members of the community or church congregation.

After learning about some of the remarks made by Monsignor Owen Keenan at recent homilies at the Merciful Redeemer Parish in Mississauga, I was quite saddened.

My whole statement is provided here. pic.twitter.com/ZLLPAbALGW

On June 24, 2021, Bonnie Crombie (@BonnieCrombie) tweeted:

Is There Anything Owen Keenan Has to Say About Residental Schools?

Monsignor Owen Keenan said that two-thirds of the people holds the church, which they revere, responsible for the catastrophes that have occurred there.

Further, he went on to say that he assumed the same number of people would thank the church for the good work done in those schools, but of course, that question was never asked, and they are not even allowed to say that good work was done there, so he is waiting to see what comes into his inbox as a result.

Kennan also said that although the church should express regret for its involvement in the poorly planned government project, it should also wait to learn more about who was buried at the Kamloops site and why before making a final judgement on the situation.

The remarks above were stated by him during a recent sermon. As an example of this, he brought up the Kamloops Residential School in British Columbia, where the Tk’emlps te Secw├ępemc First Nation claimed in May that it had uncovered the skeletal remains of more than 200 children buried in unmarked graves.

@redeemerparish, you’ve done something very awful.

Pastor Owen Keenan wishes for Canadians to express gratitude to the church for “the good that was done” at residential schools???

The Church is NOT THE PERSON WHO HAS BEEN HURT. pic.twitter.com/MnttPngAGd

AJ Marchese (@AJMarchese13) tweeted on June 21, 2021:

Is Owen Keenan facing a suspension?

Father Owen Keenan has been suspended as a result of his recent remarks against residential schools.

Despite the fact that he had apologised, stating that he in no way condones the system and that he, as a Catholic and a priest, wished to express “I’m sorry” to everyone who had been harmed, the system continued to operate.

Kennan, on the other hand, will not be in charge of any of the services in the following days.

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