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Who Is Edward Brennan? Mother Son Assault Video On Twitter

Who Is Edward Brennan? Mother Son Assault Video On Twitter

Edward Brennan is the son of Bitsy Brenna, who are both in the news right now for a racial attack on a parking permit auditor. To uncover both sides of the storey, read the complete article.

Bisty Brennan And Edward Brennan are mother and son

On social media, a video of a mother and son harassing a black parking permit auditor by querying what he was doing in their apartment’s parking lot has gone viral.

Everyone is chastising the mother and boy for their rowdy conduct. Continue reading to find more about what occurred.

Who Is Edward Brennan?

Edward Brenna is the son’s name who has been accused of the racist assault.

Bitsy Brennan, his mother, is a financial services professional at UBS. She’s now in the spotlight for reportedly punching a black guy while in the presence of Edward. She graduated from the University of Alabama, according to her Facebook profile.

Nothing special is known at this time; however, we will contact you as soon as possible with additional information about them.

Edward Brenna: Mother Son Assault Video On Twitter – Are They Arrested?

The arrest details for Edward Brenna and his mother Bitsy Brennan have not been disclosed, but a police complaint has been lodged and charges are being sought against them.

Johnny Martinez accused the mother and son of a racist assault on Saturday, November 27.

Martinez alleges he was approached by the pair near the elevator while doing an usual parking check for his employment at the condo in Nashville at approximately 8 p.m. on Saturday. They came to a full stop and questioned him, ‘How did he manage to get in there?’

Martinez explained he was merely performing his job, but they insisted on seeing his ID, causing him to pull out his camera and start recording. However, the film’s recording has gone viral on social media, maligning the mother and son’s identities.

Further, Martinez reportedly claimed that he had filed a police complaint against them and that he planned to seek charges against them.

The complete account regarding the incident may be found here.

Even though the mother has refuted all of these charges, we can examine the tape that has been shared online to clear things up. The sight of such conduct coming from a well-educated family disgusts many people.

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