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Who Is Bryan Rhoden? Age And Bio – Suspect In Country Club Homicide: Is He Arrested?

Bryan Rhoden, a 23-year-old Georgia man, is accused of killing three people, including professional golfer Gene Siller.

Bryan Rhoden is a new social media sensation as well as an American rapper recognised for his raps and songs.

B Rod is his stage name, and he has a few songs with thousands of views across multiple platforms. As a result, he was establishing the groundwork for a long and prosperous career in the rap industry

However, things changed after he shot and murdered three people, one of which was Gene Siller, a professional golfer.

Bryan was widely scrutinised on the internet and through other sources when government sources disclosed that he was the one who killed those men.

As a result, concerns about his age, family, and social media handles are mounting.

Bryan Rhoden: Who Is He? Biographical Information And Age

Bryan Rhoden, better known as rapper B Rod, is the prime suspect in the recent Golf Course Shooting, which resulted in the deaths of three individuals.

Bryan Rhoden, when it comes to his age, is a 23-year-old. His date of birth, however, is now unavailable to the media.

Furthermore, his biography has yet to appear on Wikipedia’s official page.

In terms of himself, he has a number of songs with a lot of views on YouTube, as well as some Instagram followers.

He has gradually acquired admirers and followers as a rookie rapper up to this point.

Is He Arrested As A Suspect In A Country Club Homicide?

According to DeKalb County records, Rhoden was arrested by the Chamblee Police Department on DUI, giving false ID, and other vehicle and traffic crimes just hours after Siller was killed.

He was booked into the jail on July 4 morning, according to Fox 5 Atlanta, and released two days later on bond.

After being summoned to the police station to answer to other charges, Rhoden was reportedly arrested and placed into custody for the Pinetree killings “without incident.”

Three men were slain at the Pinetree Country Club, with no suspects previously identified.

After an investigation, Bryan Rhoden was revealed as the perpetrator of the incident.

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