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Where Is Joseph Hall Now? Nazi Father Killer – Age Mother – Is He Released Or Still In Prison?

Where Is Joseph Hall Now? Nazi Father Killer - Age Mother - Is He Released Or Still In Prison?

Is Joseph Hall released or still in prison? Here’s what we know about the child who killed his father at 10. 

Joseph Hall is an American juvenile who shot and killed his father on 1 May 2011.

An episode of Killer Kids showcased the tragic incident. He had developmental disabilities like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and low average intelligence. 

Joseph Hall – Where Is He Now? Is He Released Or Still In Prison?

Joseph Hall is still in prison for shooting Jeff Hall to death.

In 2013, a judge convicted him of killing his neo-Nazi father, sentencing him to 10-year imprisonment in juvenile detention.

As for the motive behind the murder, the 10-year-old pointed towards an episode of Criminal Minds, where he saw a kid shoot his abusive father and did not face punishment for it. Furthermore, he believed in his father’s recovery from the wound and the reconciliation.

In a confession to police, Joseph disclosed how he took a .357 revolver from a closet, pulled the hammer back, aimed it at his dad’s ear while asleep on the couch, and finally shot him. The incident took place on 1 May 2011.

Likewise, he admitted to being tired of his father hitting him and his stepmother.

His stepmom, Krista, also mentioned Jeff’s violent nature, which he showed towards her and Joseph. Reportedly, he would lose control sometimes and end up kicking his son on his back. He used to punish his children with extreme measures daily. As per the police, the house was filthy, and kids had access to many weapons.

After the incident, Joseph found himself in a juvenile hall while the other four were in protective custody. The authorities later arrested Krista for criminal storage of firearms and child neglect. 

His grandma, Joann Patterson, took temporary custody of the other four children. She, in an interview, expressed her lack of surprise at the shooting and even mentioned foreseeing such an event.

The California Supreme Court denied taking Joseph’s case in 2015 as it ruled a 10-year-old understands his Miranda rights. A year later, the United States Supreme Court also declined to hear it and even rejected a petition for a writ of certiorari.

Joseph Hall Age And Mother

Joseph Hall’s age is 21 years.

He was born to Jeffery Hall and Leticia Neal on 19 June 2000. The two then eventually divorced. After that, Joseph’s mother gave birth to twins with another man. In 2003, Child Protective Services took her custody rights over Hall’s two children as the twins failed to thrive.

As per social workers, the home of Joseph’s mother didn’t have electricity or gas, and worms were on dishes. Further, her kids had bruises and were dirty and malnourished.  

After divorce, Neal moved out of California and remarried. However, a month before the shooting of her ex-husband, she returned to California and was attempting to regain custody of Joseph.

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