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Where Is Jeanine Ann Roose Husband Eugene Richard Auger Now? Net Worth & Death Cause


Where Is Jeanine Ann Roose Husband Eugene Richard Auger Now? Net Worth & Death Cause

Eugene Richard Roose, Jeanine Ann Roose’s husband, is now in grief over his wife’s passing. Learn more about the former child actress in the sections that follow!

Jeanine Ann Roose was a former child actor from the United States. She also works as a psychologist.

She began working on The Jack Benny Program when she was eight years old, which was her first paid employment. She also played the part of Little Alice Harris, which helped her establish her reputation. In addition, she featured as a character on The Fitch Bandwagon and The Phil Harris-Alice Faye Show, both of which were hosted by Phil Harris.

Furthermore, she starred as Violet Bick in the 1946 film classic It’s a Wonderful Life, which was directed by Frank Capra. She also had a role in the television pilot Arabella’s Tall Tales, which was never shown.

What happened to Jeanine Ann Roose’s husband, Eugene Richard Auger, after they divorced?

Jeanine Ann Roose and her husband Eugene Richard Auger were in a happy marriage when she died.

On September 4, 1964, they exchanged wedding vows. However, it appears that the couple has chosen to remain anonymous about their personal information. As a result, nothing is known about their marital life together.

Eugene’s personal and professional information, on the other hand, has not been made public as of this writing. Eugene is most likely grieving the loss of his wife. We feel that a husband’s emotional state may be devastated following the death of his wife.

What is the net worth of Jeanine Ann Rose?

Jeanine Ann Rose’s net worth has not been revealed at this time.

Her income was mostly derived from her professional work as a clinical psychologist. In addition to that, she pursued a career as a Jungian Psychoanalyst after leaving the performing industry.

In addition, she attended Audubon Junior High School before going on to the University of California, Los Angeles, where she was a member of the Alpha Delta Pi honorary fraternity.

The Cause of Jeanine Ann Rose’s Death Has Been Revealed: What Happened?

As reported by TMZ, she passed suddenly on New Year’s Eve at her residence in Los Angeles after suffering from health problems.

The woman had lately been reported to have been unwell as a result of an infection in her abdomen. She passed away when she was 84 years old.

The news of her death was disclosed the day following the loss of legendary actress Betty White.

Jeanine Ann Rose’s Children and Family is a non-profit organisation. Revealed

It appears that Jeanine Ann Rose does not have any children, or if she does, she has chosen not to disclose their existence to the general world.

Because she is a private individual, she has not provided the media with much information about herself. She is the daughter of Ivan R. and Agatha Roose, to give you a little background on her. On the other hand, there isn’t much information available on them on the internet.

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