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Where is gwenfin in the undercroft?

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Where can I find the cornetto of the waves?

Achieving Possession of the Cornett of Waves It is necessary for you to go to the Serpent’s Corona. Once you have arrived there, make your way to Takano’s Estate (M16,1). Find your way to the estate’s rear and then inspect the chest that can be seen on the screen above. You have the option of opening it, or if your skills in Mechanics are not sufficient, you can either kill Takano or steal the key from him.

Where exactly is the crazy Morena down in the cellar?

You may find Morena the Mad in the Undercroft. Going to The Gullet, which is a neighbourhood in Neketaka, is one of the available options. After reaching that location, go to the upper right corner. If this is the first time, there will be a cutscene that plays. After that, you will need to talk to the main guard here, inquire about the lift, and then pay him to allow you go down.

Where exactly can I locate Dereo?

After entering The Narrows, the path to Dereo’s lair is to the right, then to the right, then to the left. Two goons are standing in your path as you approach the entrance.

In Deadfire, what is the best way to travel to the Undercroft?

The Undercroft may be accessed using one of two routes:

  1. using Delver’s Row’s decrepit elevator as the means of transportation.
  2. through the ruins of the old city. On the Old City Ruins side of the door, there is a hidden latch that may be used to unlock it.

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Where exactly in the ancient city may one find the shrine dedicated to Ondra?

Using the shell, enter the Temple of Ondra, which can be found in the northern part of the Old City proper. Once inside, either kill or avoid the huge cave grub that is situated there. If you have both of the shells, you will be able to enter the secret chamber. Examine the mosaic that is located on the back wall of the temple, and then go back to Dereo to finish the task.

In Pillars of Eternity 2, what is the most direct route to the Old City?

To open the door to the tunnel, you will need to utilise the Cornett of Waves, which can be found in the Serpent’s Crown neighbourhood (M16,1). Elevator. There is just one direction that the elevator can go, and that is from The Gullet (M12) to Old City Overlook. As part of the “All Aboard” mission, you will have the opportunity to get entrance to the elevator (M12,6).

How exactly does one make off with glowing Adra?

You have two options while you’re at the Luminous Adra Mill: you may either purchase the crates from Cortina directly, or you can take them from one of the many containers that are strewn throughout the mill. Getting away with stealing the boxes may involve a little bit of luck, but it will be much simpler if you choose a character that has a higher Stealth rating.

How exactly does one get a Delvers row?

After some convincing, Fyrna provided me with instructions to Delver’s Row. She told me to enter the Narrows, make a right turn, and continue walking until I came across a merchant stand. A curtain hides the entrance to the building. The Narrows serve as the entrance to Delver’s Row. I discovered that there is a back alley that leads to Delver’s Row that may be entered at any time.

Where is the lone person that made it out of Port Maje alive?

Assuming that you were the one who brought him to safety, the lone survivor expressed his gratitude to you and requested that you pay him a visit at Port Maje. After some time, you may find him fishing close to your ship’s berth in the harbour of Port Maje.

In the game Pillars of Eternity 2, where can I find the second conch?

If you talk to Takano, you will find out that there is in fact a second Cornett. [Citation needed] Exploring the Old City, which can be done by going via the Gullet neighbourhood, will lead you to this particular one. You will need to use the elevator in the upper right corner in order to go to the ancient city. Maintain communication with Takano and let him know that you want to buy the Cornett from him.

Where can I get the ADRA dust that glows in the dark?

Luminous Adra Dust Locations

  • Bought from reputable retailers of high-quality ingredients.
  • Poko Kohara is a valuable item that may be stolen from an Engwithan Titan after it has died.
  • Crookspur, Sea Cave: This item is lootable from a Crystal-eater Spiderling that has passed away.
  • The crates at the Luminous Adra Mill hold the Queen’s Berth, which may be taken from those containers.

How is it possible to eradicate the symbol of darkness?

Sigils are a major source of annoyance. You can get rid of them if you toss a grenade or use a spell that does damage over time.

In Deadfire, what is the best way to travel to the Old City?

The northwest is where you will find the entrance to the Old City proper. The region is home to a skuldrak and grub nest, both of which are known to wander about. Having annihilated them, proceed to locate the steps that weave their way down the cliffside and lead to the most southeasterly part of the Old City proper.

Where is Tekehu?

In the neighbourhood of Periki’s Overlook in Neketaka is where you’ll find the Watershapers Guild, which is where you’ll find Tekehu.

Can you romance Tekehu?

Tekhu will most likely have a favourable opinion of Xoti and will often refer to her as “friend Xoti.” After completing the Huana quest line, the Watcher will be able to pursue a romantic relationship with Tekhu.

Will there be a third instalment of Pillars of Eternity?

It’s quite unlikely, particularly considering that Microsoft just acquired the company and is already hard at work on another project situated in the same world. The lack of sales is the most significant issue, though; in today’s market, consumers are looking for action games rather than crpgs.

How can you obtain Bardatto armour?

Ezzali Bardatto, the patriarch of the Bardatto family, was the one who outfitted this location. Acquisition: If you opt to support the House of Valeras and wipe out the Bardatto Family, you will have the opportunity to steal this one-of-a-kind suit of armour from Ezzali Bardatto.

How can I get the insignia of Hades, which is worn by the dead?

To get it, one must first visit the House of Hades and provide Hades with two presents of Nectar. Its effects may be strengthened by completing a certain number of encounters while equipped with the souvenir. If Zagreus removes the Sigil of the Dead from his equipment between levels, he will no longer have access to Hades’ Aid and the +1 to God Gauge fill that it provides at the beginning of encounters.

How can I break free from this recurring cycle of nightmares?

You may defend yourself from the influence by destroying the sigils or by using a wardstone. Both of these options are available to you.