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What Is Alex Is Not P Meaning? Viral Trend Explained – Urban Dictionary


What Is Alex Is Not P Meaning? Viral Trend Explained - Urban Dictionary

The phrase “Alex is not “P” is hitting the internet by storm; nevertheless, what does the phrase truly signify is unclear. Learn more about this viral trend by reading the article below.

Young Thug is a rapper who has lately accused a pilot of racism after he was reportedly thrown off a plane, according to reports.

On the plane alongside Thug, there was also another rapper, Gunna, and some of his entourage. Internet users have taken to sharing videos of the altercation between Young Thug and Pilot Alex, which have gone viral.

What Is the Meaning of Alex Is Not P?

Alex is not the same as P. As he was being escorted off the plane by Alex, the pilot, rapper Young Thug made this comment to the camera.

Thug made this statement in reaction to Alex’s assertion that he is a racist. Pilot Alex is not P, he claims in his most recent collaboration with Future, which was released earlier this year. He went on to clarify that not being a P meant he is not a “player” or “cool” in the traditional sense.

The Definition of a Viral Trend – Urban Dictionary

Young Thug was attempting to board an aircraft to New York City in order to perform at his planned event. However, a pilot allegedly wrecked his vacation plans by kicking him off the plane, resulting in his arrest.

The XXL Awards will be held in 2022. In an Instagram Live video posted on January 12, the People’s Champ Nominee recorded himself being escorted off a private plane owned by Clay Lacy Aviation. As a result, the rapper became enraged when he and his entourage were abruptly taken off the plane with no explanation.

Thug can be heard in the film asking the pilot why he decided to land the jet, and the pilot responds by saying that Thug is the one who should know why.

Learn more about Alex Is Not P Incident by reading this article.

Our investigation into the circumstances of this viral outbreak has led us to the conclusion that the following events occurred:

During an unexpected stop at an airfield in the Midwest on Wednesday, a member of Young Thug’s entourage claims that the pilot forced them off the private jet because they didn’t have appropriate identification.

According to Pilot Alex, the crew member had mistreated the flight attendant, and as a result, he refused to let Thug, Gunna, and their entourage to board the plane again. He expressed his dissatisfaction with the situation.

As a result, Young Thug attacked the pilot, calling him a racist and asserting that he does not belong in the P. During the altercation, Alex told Thug that he would contact the authorities. Thug, on the other hand, didn’t seem to care how many police officers the pilot summoned, whether it was 62 million or 62 million. Thug went on to say that Alex was a racist and that he was enraged because Young possessed wealth.

Gunna was also on board the jet and posted video of the flight on his Instagram account. He agreed with Young Thug’s assertion that the pilot was being racially discriminatory toward the group.

Furthermore, Gunna recently gave a cryptic interview about his “P” term, in which he hinted that it has a fluid meaning that is supposed to match his extravagant way of living.

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