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What Happened To Kamiyah Mobley? Real Mom Shanara Mobley, Now in 2021

What Happened To Kamiyah Mobley? Real Mom Shanara Mobley, Now in 2021

What Ever Became Of Kamiyah Mobley? Here is all you need to know about her.

Kamiyah Mobley was a baby when Gloria Williams, the woman who would raise her as her own, abducted her from a Florida hospital in 1998.

At the age of 21, Mobley was reunited with her biological family, but she continues to address her kidnapper as “Mom.”

Stolen By My Mother: The Kamiyah Mobley Narrative, a new Lifetime film releasing on January 18, takes liberties with the facts in order to portray a fictionalised version of Mobley’s experience.

It stars Niecy Nash and was produced by Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts.

What Ever Became Of Kamiyah Mobley?

Kamiyah Teresiah Tasha Mobley was abducted from a Florida hospital on July 10, 1998, at the age of eight hours.

She was abducted by a woman dressed as a nurse who entered the room, helped and conversed with the mother, and then walked out with Kamiyah.

Kamiyah Mobley was raised with the belief that her abductor was her mother. pic.twitter.com/xJiPshuXOb

— Discovery Investigations (@DiscoveryID) February 3, 2020

Kamiyah was recovered alive in January 2017 in Walterboro, South Carolina.

According to DNA testing, Gloria Williams, her captor, was not her mother. As a youngster, she was given the name Alexis Kelli Manigo.

Shanara Mobley, her true mother in Florida, was compensated US$1.5 million after the settlement of a dispute against the former University Medical Center. Since then, she has had three further children.

Kamiyah Mobley’s Actual Mother Shanara Mobley: In 2021

Shanara Mobley is Kamiyah Mobley’s biological mother.

Shanara had a hard upbringing. She was nine years old when she endured two years of abuse.

By the age of thirteen, she was living alone. She often lied about her age in order to get babysitting jobs.

These jobs essentially supplied her with money, which enabled her to forego school and prowl the streets.

FYC!! Exceptional actress in a television film @lifetimetv #emmys The Kamiyah Mobley Story pic.twitter.com/EZ5g88JzHH

July 10, 2020 — Niecy Nash (@NiecyNash)

Shanara was 14 years old when she became pregnant, however the pregnancy terminated in miscarriage.

At the age of 15, she fell pregnant for the second time and vowed to do things correctly this time.

She was inspired to name her kid Kamiyah by a young mother she met at a juvenile detention facility. Shanara felt this woman’s child was stunning, and the name immediately sprang to mind.

However, as we all know, the young infant was taken away after Shanara’s daughter Kamiyah was born. Shanara attempted suicide due of her heartbreak.

Gloria Williams: Is She Still Alive?

Gloria Williams is still alive and was convicted in 2018 of abduction.

According to prisoner records, she is still jailed in Florida. She might, however, be on her way out in the near future.

Gloria might have faced a ten-year jail term.

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