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What Happened Between Totally Not Mark and Toei Animation? Twitter Drama


What Happened Between Totally Not Mark and Toei Animation? Twitter Drama

What exactly transpired between Totally Not Mark and Toei Animation is unknown. In the following piece, we’ll learn more about the Twitter saga and its aftermath.

No, absolutely not. Mark is a YouTuber with over 600,000 subscribers who has been experiencing problems with Toei Animations and has requested for the support of his viewers in his battle against the animation firm. Toei Animations has responded to Mark’s request for support on its website.

In light of the fact that he is a One Piece and general anime YouTuber who has inspired numerous others to get into the spirit of One Piece and its narrative, Toei is arbitrarily removing his videos.

How did the relationship between Toei Animation and Totally Not Mark come to be? Twitter Controversy

Mark Fitzpatrick, a well-known anime YouTuber, recently sent an open letter to the YouTube community and Toei Animation about their relationship. According to rumours, Toei Animation has filed copyright claims against 150 videos from the YouTube channel Totally Not Mark, which has left the site’s creator speechless.

Every YouTuber has been the target of a copyright lawsuit at some point in their professional career. While other YouTubers have had a few videos taken, the YouTuber in question has had more than 150 films removed in less than 48 hours, according to the YouTuber.

In a video released on his YouTube channel Totally Not Mark, YouTuber Mark Fitzpatrick discussed a copyright claim he had received and the removal of more than 150 videos from his channel, which was at the time of writing. Toei Animation is solely responsible for the statements made in this article.

Allegations Against Mark Toei Were Completely False: Why Were His Videos Removed From YouTube?

Toei Animation, the company behind Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball, has come under fire from fans when it filed a flurry of copyright claims against an anime YouTuber’s channel, according to reports.

According to a YouTube video by Totally Not Mark, Toei Animation has reported over 150 films on his channel for copyright infringement in less than 24 hours, according to the video. The inventor, on the other hand, asserts that all of these videos were created in the spirit of fair use and that they should be shared with the public.

His assertion that nine of the videos taken down had no Toei material and were just drawing videos only serves to strengthen his case that Toei did not check the footage before designating it as copyright, which is required by YouTube.

No, absolutely not. A nearly nine-minute YouTube video by Mark details the claim appeal system, which can take months per video, and can be seen here. After losing his or her ability to generate cash along the way, the YouTuber is left with only one video at the conclusion of the process.

He claims that it would take more than 37 years to restore 150 films that have been removed off the internet.

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