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Was Peter Bogdanovich Catholic? Religion, Wife Children & Cause Of Death -Director

Was Peter Bogdanovich a devoted Catholic who practised his religion to the letter? Following his death, admirers were anxious to discover more about his personal life, especially his religious views, which they were able to do so via his website.

Known for films such as “The Last Picture Show,” “Paper Moon,” and “The Last Picture Show II,” Peter Bogdanovich was an ascot-wearing cinephile and director of the 1970s black-and-white era.

He passed away early on Thursday morning at the age of 82. Antonia Bogdanovich, his daughter, confirmed that the awful news had been received.

Bogdanovich received significant acclaim and awards for his work on “The Last Picture Show,” which earned him nominations for Academy Awards for Best Director and Best Adapted Screenplay.

Mr. Bogdanovich, an internationally renowned writer and filmmaker, died at the age of 82 https://t.co/UjI0wzeuZl

On January 6, 2022, the Guardian US (@GuardianUS) tweeted:

Is Peter Bogdanovich a practising Catholic? Religion

Peter Bogdanovich never expressed his religious beliefs in interviews, but we may presume that he was a devoted Catholic based on his appearances on television.

His mother, Herma Bogdanovich, was born in Austria and raised as a Jew, while his father, Borislav Bogdanovich, was raised as a Serbian Orthodox Christian.

It has been announced that Peter Bogdanovich has died away. He was a great friend and a staunch supporter of the film industry. As a director, he created masterpieces while also being a delightful human being. He interviewed and preserved the lives and works of more great filmmakers than virtually anybody else of his time, and he did it almost entirely on his own. pic.twitter.com/hL08ORCilN

The following is a tweet from Guillermo del Toro (@RealGDT), dated January 6, 2022.

Peter Bogdanovich’s Wife and Children Are Being Revealed

He has been married twice in his life, with a decade gap between the two unions. When it comes to Peter Bogdanovich’s wife, he has been married twice.

Polly Platt was the love of his life from 1962 until 1971, when they separated and divorced. The playwright, producer, and production designer passed away in 2011 after a long battle with cancer.

Afterwards, Peter met and married Louise Stratten, whom he had known for about a decade at the time of their marriage. The actress and producer Louise has acted in films such as “She’s Funny That Way,” “Django Unchained,” and “She’s Funny That Way 2.”

Her marriage to Peter, on the other hand, ended in divorce in 2001, and the pair never even had children together as a result.

Peter is also the father of two daughters, Antonia and Sashy, as well as the grandfather of five grandkids. Bogdanovich’s first marriage to Polly resulted in the birth of both of his daughters.

Following the passing of Peter Bogdanovich, a director, writer, critic, and cinema historian, tributes have flooded in (via AP). https://t.co/iCKyBwk7Ip

— Bloomberg Businessweek (@businessweek) January 6, 2022

What caused Peter Bogdanovich’s death and how did he die?

According to The Hollywood Report, Peter Bogdanovich died of natural causes after receiving a message from his daughter, Antonia Bogdanovich, who informed the publication of his death.

On January 6, 2022, he died in his Los Angeles home soon after midnight, according to his family. He was 82 years old at the time of his death, making him the oldest person ever to die.

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