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Was Abby Blagg Ever Found? Michael Blagg Daughter Missing Update – Is She Dead?

 Abby Blagg vanished from Grant Junction about 20 years ago. Is Abby Blagg still alive? Let’s see if Michael Blagg’s daughter is still alive.

When Abby Blagg went missing from Grant Junction, she was six years old. Furthermore, she has been missing for for two decades. Abby, on the other hand, was never found, and her loved ones still expect her to return, despite the fact that they know she is dead.

Abby and her mother were last seen at their house in Grand Junction on November 12th, 2001, between 3:00 and 3:30 p.m. Abby’s mother’s body was discovered at the Mesa County dump in June 2002, deceased; nevertheless, Abby remains missing.

Michael Blagg, Abby’s father, was also arrested and condemned to death for the murder of his wife Jennifer Blagg, and is currently serving the remainder of his life in jail.

Is Abby Blagg still alive?

Abby Blagg’s case has never been solved because she was never discovered. But the case astounded everyone because she was never found dead or alive. As a result, people continue to speculate whether she is alive or dead. However, it is almost certain that she is deceased.

Similarly, it can be inferred that the murder was pre-planned because someone called Abby Blagg’s school (Bookcliff Christian School) and informed administrators that she would be absent from class on November 13th, 2001, according to the information available on the sources.

Furthermore, before any criminal charges were filed against Michael Blagg, he was confronted by law authorities in February 2002 for stealing from his job, and the next day he attempted suicide.

Michael also composed a note before his suicide attempt professing his innocence in the disappearance of his wife and daughter.

Michael Blagg’s Missing Daughter: Is She Dead?

Michael Blagg was accused with the murder of his wife in 2004. Jennifer Blagg and her six-year-old daughter, Abby, were also reported missing in 2001. When Blagg returned home from work, he phoned the authorities and reported finding a bloody bed and his family missing.

Jennifer’s body was discovered in the county landfill seven months later, mixed in with waste from her husband’s workplace. However, Abby has yet to be discovered.

Still, the case appears to be unresolved, as it is unclear whether the little victim is dead or alive. However, the case has remained open for 20 years, and no new information concerning Abby has been disclosed, thus she is presumed deceased.

Furthermore, Michael will spend the remainder of his life in prison.

What is Michael Blagg’s current location?

According to authorities, Michael Blagg was still serving time in prison when he was put on trial in March 2004. Prosecutors claimed he killed Jennifer out of a desire for power.

In February 2018, Michael was convicted guilty for the second time after a trial.

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