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WABC: What Happened To Joe Nolan? Cancer And Health Update – Where Is He Now?

WABC: What Happened To Joe Nolan? Cancer And Health Update - Where Is He Now?

What became to Joe Nolan? Continue reading to learn all there is to know about the Total Traffic reporting.

Joe Nolan is a traffic reporter with the Associated Press.

He earned a bachelor’s degree in communications and media studies from Seton Hall in 1981 and now works at 77WABC Morning News with Frank Morano + Juliet Huddy and the Bernie and Sid Show. Since 1979, he has been an anchor for iHeartMedia’s Total Traffic.

Additionally, Nolan broadcasts football games on New Jersey internet radio and is the founder and president of the Maureen E. Nolan Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation named after his mother, who died of cancer in 1982.

Additionally, he has worked at WCBS-FM in the past.

What Happened To Joe Nolan? WABC: What Happened To Joe Nolan? Update On Cancer And Health

Joe Nolan seems to be alive and well, since his most recent Facebook post was only two hours ago.

Nonetheless, his health remains questioned. It started when he revealed in 2019 that he had been diagnosed with prostate and kidney cancer.

Joe talked about the physicians who treated him and referred to a treatment team comprised of professionals from The Summit Medical Group, The Rutgers Cancer Institute, and RWJ/Barnabas Health.

Similarly, he described the outlook as excellent. Additionally, he said that he would have kidney surgery and prostate radiotherapy in the coming months. According to reports, medical specialists detected kidney cancer by mistake. Despite the absence of symptoms, he averted tragedy thanks to a prostate cancer screening.

Joe’s kidney was surgically removed by Dr. Eric Singer of the Rutgers Cancer Institute. Similarly, he was treated with radiation for prostate cancer.

Although the journalist acknowledged the situation’s unpredictability, he voiced optimism for the future. And towards the conclusion of his article, he pleaded with his readers to do a P.S.A. test and pray for him.

Apart from this health issue, Joe also had a heart attack in 2014 at his house. His care was provided at Overlook Hospital. He had surgery to correct a complete arterial blockage.

He attributes his survival to the Westfield police, the Westfield Volunteer Rescue Squad, and the hospital. According to reports, a police officer rescued him in about a minute and a half. The rescue team arrived two minutes later, followed by paramedics. And he was discharged from the operation room 62 minutes later.

Joe Nolan – What Has Happened to Him?

Joe Nolan reportedly lives in Mountainside, New Jersey, according to 2020 reports.

He now lives in New York City with his wife, Marianne Fitzgerald. The pair were high school sweethearts but pursued different paths after their graduation from Holy Trinity High School. Both married other individuals, had children, and divorced.

And three and a half decades later, they met by coincidence on the Jolly Trolley. After then, Joe and Marianne married.

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