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Virginia Roberts Giuffre Net Worth: How Rich Is Prince Andrew Accuser? Her Husband & Age

Virginia Roberts Giuffre Net Worth: How Rich Is Prince Andrew Accuser? Her Husband & Age

Virginia Roberts’ net worth is unknown. She is an American-Australian campaigner. Let’s look at how wealthy the activist is, who her husband is, and what her age is in 2021 in the parts below. This is everything you need to know about her!

Virginia Louise Giuffre (née Roberts), also known as Virginia Roberts, is a sex trafficking victim advocate who is American-Australian.

She is also a public and well-known victim of convicted sex criminal Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking organisation.

She launched Victims Refuse Silence, a non-profit based in the United States, in 2015, and has since been extensively interviewed by American and British journalists about her alleged contacts with Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.

Giuffre described her alleged experiences of being sex trafficked to the UK at the age of 17 by Epstein to have sex with the Duke of York, Prince Andrew, in an October 2019 interview with the BBC’s Panorama, which broadcast on December 2, 2019.

How Rich Is Prince Andrew Accuser, Virginia Roberts Giuffre?

Virginia Roberts Giuffre is predicted to have a net worth of $600,000 in 2021.

Her salary earnings, on the other hand, are still being assessed. Roberts has accumulated a significant fortune through her successful and arduous legal career.

Despite this, Virginia’s tragic storey has reached daily newspaper front pages. She claims that when she was under the age of 18, Prince Andrew sexually abused her at Epstein’s home.

On the other side, Prince Andrew has denied having sex with her. Nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

What Is Virginia Roberts Giuffre’s Husband’s Name?

In the year 2002, Virginia Roberts Giuffre married her beloved husband Robert Giuffre.

We don’t know what her husband does for a living. On the other side, the couple has three children, two sons and one daughter.

According to her Wikipedia biography, Virginia has lived in luxury in Perth, Western Australia, for decades.

Virginia Roberts Giuffre is a woman of a certain age.

Virginia Roberts Giuffre will be 38 years old in 2021.

In the year 1983, she was born on August 9th in Sacramento, California.

She has sued Prince Andrew, a member of the British royal family, for alleged sexual assault under the Child Victims Act. She is a former accuser of Jeffrey Epstein.

She is also a dual citizen of two countries. She is a dual citizen of Australia and the United States as a result of this.

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