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Viral: Alessiavaesenn Tiktok – Woman Breastfeeding Cat Video On Twitter

Viral: Alessiavaesenn Tiktok - Woman Breastfeeding Cat Video On Twitter

Alessiavaesenn is the TikTok user that wet viral after sharing a series of videos showing a woman breastfeeding a cat on a plane. Here’s everything you need to know about the incident!

Alessiavaesenn is a TikTok user who has gone viral on TikTok and Twitter with her videos.

The November incident in which a woman was breastfeeding her cat while flying from Syracuse to Atlanta on Delta went viral on Twitter.

The incident startled both fellow travellers and internet users.

Despite the fact that breastfeeding a cat has made the headlines previously, it continues to astonish people every time such events occur.

Alessiavaesenn Tiktok Viral Video: Is It Real or Is It a Joke?

As of December 20, TikTok user Alessiavaesenn has published a series of cat breastfeeding episodes.

Despite the fact that the incident occurred over a month ago, one TikTok user has made the close-up ruckus between the breastfeeding woman and her fellow passengers public.


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Alessia – origineel geluid

@alessiavaesenn, who goes by the TikTok handle @alessiavaesenn, has four videos on her TikTok account.

The popularity of the handle has increased as a result of these films going viral and accumulating millions of views.

At the time of writing, the TikTok handle had amassed a total of 25k followers.

In the meantime, one of its films had over 12 million views.

The films have been labelled as authentic, and netizens are ecstatic to see the true incident that has been overlooked by news outlets.

The Real Name of Alessiavaesenn

According to her TikTok name, Alessiavaesenn’s real name is Alessia.

Aside from that, she hasn’t revealed her entire name or any other personal details about herself.

She appears to have developed the TikTok handle just to bring the nursing episode to a close, rather than to pursue popularity for herself.

On Twitter, a woman is seen breastfeeding a cat.

Last month, the tale of a woman breastfeeding her hairless cat went viral on Twitter.

When a woman allegedly began breastfeeding a cat and refused to stop during a flight to Atlanta, Delta passengers may have been treated to an unexpected sight. https://t.co/JNpbjrinv1

Novmber 27, 2021 — Newsweek (@Newsweek)

Alessiavaesenn took a close look at the incident this month.]

Furthermore, the incident was covered by well-known media outlets such as the New York Post, resulting in headlines for several more days.

The couple was taken into Delta Airlines’ custody after the woman was seen breastfeeding her cat, and no further information was provided.

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