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TikTok: itsmetinx Real Name Christina Najjar – Age, Height & Boyfriend

TikTok: itsmetinx Real Name Christina Najjar - Age, Height & Boyfriend

Christina Najjar is the true name of TikTok sensation itsmetinx. What more can we tell you about her? Learn more about it in this article.

Itsmetinx, also known as Christina Najjar, was born in England and is a citizen of the United Kingdom. In addition to becoming a TikTok celebrity, she works as a full-time content developer and producer. She utilises TikTok as a platform to raise awareness about mental health issues. Furthermore, she talks celebrities, their gossip, vlogging, and pretends to live the life of Rich Mom Characters, among other topics of interest.

She wants to eliminate the stigma associated with mental health in society since she has personally experienced it. She was really diagnosed with anxiety and depression when she was thirteen years old, which is rather young for her age.

Additionally, her most well-known TikTok video is one in which she attempts to replicate the Kardashians’ salads. Despite the fact that the video has received over one million views, it is still a surprise.

Learn More About TikTok itsmetinx’s Real Name: https://twitter.com/itsmetinx/

TikTok star itsmetinx has a lovely name that complements her attractive beauty and charm. Christina Najjar is her full legal name in the United States.

Indeed, the meaning of her given name is “anointed, Christian.”

Christina also goes by the moniker ‘Tinx,’ which she has given herself. Tinx, her TikTok username, is an abbreviation for ‘It’s me.’

The Age and Height of Itsmetinx Are Under the Spotlight

Christina is presently 30 years old, according to the information she provided in her interview with Two chairs. “I consider myself to be the oldest girl on TikTok,” she says in the video interview. Her year of birth was 1991, and she was born in the United States. Her actual birth date and zodiac sign, on the other hand, remain unknown to the general public.

On the basis of her photographs, Christina seems to be of substantial size. Furthermore, she seems to be higher than her stated height of 5 feet and 8 inches.

The identity of Itsmetinx’s boyfriend has been revealed.

Itsmetinx has managed to keep her personal life under wraps. Despite her position as an influencer, she has managed to keep certain aspects of her personal life hidden.

Unfortunately, her relationship and dating status remain a mystery. As a result, there is still some uncertainty over whether or not she has a partner.

Is itsmetinx a member of the Instagram community?

YES, you can follow her on Instagram, where she goes by the same handle as her TikTok account, @itsmetinx.

In a nutshell, here’s all you need to know:

Christina Najjar’s full name is Christina Najjar.

Birthday 1991

Age 30

Gender Female

Nationality American

TikTok celebrity with a professional background

Instagram @itsmetinx

Tiktok @itsmetinx

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