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Svrite Wikipedia, Age, Real Name, Height, Instagram, Net worth

Svrite Wikipedia, Age, Real Name, Height, Instagram, Net worth

Svrite, actual name Jay, is an 18-year-old American rapper who hails from the city of Orlando in the state of Florida. When he was three years old, he shared a Florida bedroom with his mother and stepfather, where he would practise singing after his mother went to sleep.

Many talents are being recognised as a result of the amazing platform provided by social media these days for showcasing potential. Svrite’s parody freestyles with hilarious lyrics became popular on the internet, garnering over 50 million views by the middle of 2018, catapulting him to the top of the rapping world.

Svrite’s age is unknown.

March 2021 marks Svrite’s eighteenth year on our planet.

Born on May 8, 2002, he is a Taurus, which means he was born under the sign.

A native of Orlando, Florida, SVrite grew up with his family there.

What is Svrite’s actual name?

Jay Rivera is the true name of the musician better known by his stage name Svrite.

It was he who decided on the stage name Svrite (pronounced as ‘Sprite’).

How many of you have the song Self Aware playing in the background?


A still from the upcoming music video.


[via Twitter] SVRITE (@SvriteMusic) on January 26, 2021

Svrite’s Wikipedia page has further information. Instagram is also a good option.

Currently, Svrite’s biography is not included in the official Wikipedia, but given his increasing popularity, it would not be surprising if this were to change in the future.

Some of his fandoms have included his biography in addition to Wikipedia.

@svrite is the username used by Svrite on his official Instagram account. His verified Instagram account has more than 361k followers and has published 107 photos to far.”

He included a link to his current music video, Jealousy, in the bio of his Instagram account.

Salary and Earnings of Svrite

Svrite’s net worth is currently being calculated. – In addition to music, he has a YouTube channel, which is his major source of revenue.

His YouTube channel, which has 75k followers, generates an average of $2.3K – $36.1K every month.

In a nutshell, here’s everything you need to know.

Name Svrite

8th of May, 2002, was my birth date.

Female Nationality Age 18 years old Gender Male Country of origin United Kingdom

American sProfession

Hip-Hop artist, singer, and musician

Instagram @svrite

Twitter @SvriteMusic

Youtube SVRITE

Facebook @svritemusic

The Most Important Information Regarding Svrite

3.3k people follow Svrite’s Twitter account, which goes by the handle @SvriteMusic.

Star Entourage and Hermes Govantes are in charge of his representation.

@svritemusic is the handle that Svrite uses on Facebook to connect with fans.

On Spotify, his song Jiggy has had over 4 million plays.

Rap and HipHop are more prevalent in Jay Riveria’s (aka Svrite) genre.

A.O.V. Music and STAR ENTOURAGE are two of his biggest musical labels.

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