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Selling The Hamptons: Who Is Mia Calabrese? Wiki Age -Husband And Instagram

Selling The Hamptons: Who Is Mia Calabrese? Wiki Age -Husband And Instagram

Mia Calabrese aspires to get entry into the exclusive East End real estate market via the show “Selling The Hamptons,” which airs on NBC. Learn more about her by reading the sections below!

“Selling The Hamptons,” one of the most highly awaited corporate reality series, will premiere on Discovery+ on January 20th.

Mia Calabrese is one of six participants on the programme who are seeking to get access to the premium real estate market as a result of their participation.

Mia’s appearance on the programme has already created news due to the fact that she is the only Black participant on the competition.

As a result, she has risen to the top of the list of the most talked-about characters on the programme at the time.

Who Is Mia Calabrese, and What Does She Do in the Hamptons?

Mia Calabrese is a successful real estate agent who is in a league of her own in the industry.

It is presently via Nest Seekers International that this fearless lady works, and she is situated in New York City.

Mia Calabrese grew up in a modest South Shore cottage that was initially owned by her grandparents and later by her parents, and she developed an appreciation for the security that comes with being a homeowner. https://t.co/26P3IjP3pi

11th of January, 2022, via Twitter (@CrainsChicago): Crain’s Chicago Business

Mia is now tied with five other real estate brokers on the season premiere of “Selling The Hamptons,” including Bianca D’Alessio, J.B. Andreassi, Michael Fulfree, Peggy Zabakolas, and Kenny Arias.

The programme will be one of the most exciting episodes in the actual future because of the participation of all of these real estate pros.

Mia Calabrese’s Wiki and Age Have Been Revealed

Mia Calabrese’s present age may be determined by looking through her photographs. She is in her 30s.

We have not yet been able to get comprehensive insider information on her birthday and precise age at this time.

She has said that she has gained all of her real estate expertise solely via her own efforts.

Mia is a devoted family lady who is often seen expressing her appreciation to her parents and grandparents for instilling in her the sense of belonging that comes with being a homeowner.

Who Is the Husband of Mia Calabrese?

Mia Calabrese is a married lady; however, no information about her husband’s identity or identify of his family has been revealed at this time.

Beginning in a Chicago bungalow, she worked her way up to selling houses in the Hamptons. Mia Calabrese, the only Black agent on the hit television show “Selling the Hamptons,” learned about homeownership and intergenerational prosperity from her mother and grandmother. https://t.co/Obvpk3uHnF pic.twitter.com/Sw8VCuPbW3 https://t.co/Obvpk3uHnF https://t.co/Obvpk3uHnF

On January 13, 2022, Crain’s New York (@CrainsNewYork) published a tweet saying

The family lady is as committed to her job as she is to her new professional chances.

We will update this area as soon as we get any inside information on her family, which should be very soon.

Mia Calabrese may be found on Instagram.

Mia Calabrese, the star of the television show “Selling the Hamptons,” has not yet been identified on Instagram.

Because of the success of the series, she may decide to start an Instagram account in the near future to communicate with her viewers and supporters.

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