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Rusanda Panfili [Violinist] Age, Height, Boyfriend, Husband, Net Worth


Rusanda Panfili [Violinist] Age, Height, Boyfriend, Husband, Net Worth

Rusanda Panfili, 32, began her violin training in Romania when she was ten years old, and she went on to win her first international competition at the age of twelve. Aside from receiving worldwide recognition at music festivals, she has also received a number of important awards for her performances of Mozart, Paganini, and contemporary pieces, among other things.

Panfili is also well-known for her Instagram postings, for which she has amassed a large following of thousands of followers. In a similar vein, she has built a distinct fan following through her YouTube channel.

Discover Rusanda Panfili’s [violinist] age and height in this biography.

Rusanda Panfili is 32 years old, if we’re talking about her age in this context.

She was born in 1988, and she will be celebrating her birthday with her well-wishers and family on November 1, according to her Facebook page.

Rusanda Panfili stands at a lofty height, although the exact measurement of her stature has not yet been determined.

Learn more about Rusanda Panfili’s boyfriend and husband in this article.

We can’t tell anything about her relationship status or partner from what we can find on the internet.

In a similar vein, her husband’s information and facts are not available in the public domain.

Rusanda Panfili’s net worth is estimated to be in the millions.

Rusanda Panfili’s income and net worth are unclear at this time, although she makes her living as a violinist, which is a source of revenue that cannot be overlooked.

In a nutshell, here’s all you need to know:

Rusanda Panfili is her given name.

On November 1, 1988, I was born.

The author is 32 years old.

Gender Female

Nationality Moldova

Profession Violinist

Vienna University of Music and Performing Arts is where I received my education.

Instagram @rusandapanfili

Twitter @Rusanda

Rusanda Panfili’s video on YouTube

Rusanda Panfili’s official Facebook page

Rusanda Panfili is a fascinating person with a lot of interesting facts.

When it comes to Rusanda Panfili’s nationality, she is of Moldovan descent.

As a white person, she also belongs to a certain ethnic group.

Rusanda’s occupation is that of a violinist, to be precise.

Her educational history includes studies at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna, where she received her degree.

Those interested in following Rusanda Panfili on Instagram can do so using the handle @rusanda.panfili.fanpage.

Panfili has over 30K followers and 807 followings on Instagram, in addition to 1,934 followers on Twitter.

Rusanda is also active on Twitter, where she goes by the handle @Rusanda and has over 2,144 followers.

She is currently residing in the Austrian capital of Vienna.

She began using Twitter in May 2009 and has continued to provide a link to her website in her Twitter bio.

Finally, depending on her date of birth, she is a member of the zodiac sign of Scorpio.

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