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Ron Capps Is Leaving DSR – What Happened To The NHRA Funny Car Title Winner?

Ron Capps Is Leaving DSR - What Happened To The NHRA Funny Car Title Winner?

 Ron Capps has revealed that he would be departing DSR after more than 17 years as a member of the organisation. Find out more about him by reading the information below!

Ron Capps is a professional drag racer with the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA). He is most recognised for his work as a member of the Don Schumacher racing team.

He is at the wheel of a Dodge Charger sponsored by NAPA Auto Parts.

Capps has twenty NHRA Funny Car national championships to his credit, as well as three Skoal Showdown victories.

The NHRA has recognised his efforts by awarding him a total of 67 national event victories, as well as three second-place finishes in the championship.

If Ron Capps is no longer working with DSR, what happened to the NHRA Funny Car champion?

According to a recent confirmation statement on Facebook by Ron Capps, he will really be leaving Don Schumacher Racing (DSR).

His final day with the team was yesterday, and he expressed his gratitude to them for the wonderful memories they had given him.

Capps, the well-known NHRA Funny Car champion, has yet to reveal the true reason for his choice and to answer many of his fans’ questions about his decision.

He had joined DSR in 2004 to be with his friend Scelzi’, only to leave as one of the team’s most beloved veterans after just a few years.

His choice to do so has crushed many hearts, including those of the DSR team, who are grieved by his actions.

Despite this, many of them have wished him well, hoping for a better future for him.

Capps and his family are now live in Carlsbad, California. He is well-known in his hometown, even though he is not well-known for his achievements in the Funny Car racing category.

Where Does Ron Capps Plan to Go After He Retires?

Ron Capps has not said where he intends to go once he retires from the NFL.

To be more specific, he has not said if he is retiring from motor racing or whether he is merely saying goodbye to his team.

There are many concerns surrounding Capps’ latest choice that have still to be addressed, despite the fact that he has not spoken publicly about them.

Capps is a well-known name in the world of Funny Car racing, and he is considered to be one of the legendary personalities to look up to.

As a result, his future choice will have a significant influence on the industry as well as on emerging racers in the NHRA.

We expect to learn more about Capps’ future intentions in the near future and will update this section as soon as feasible.

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