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Reddit: Maguad Siblings Actual Photo Of Dead Body: Is Capslockfaren Guilty

Reddit: Maguad Siblings Actual Photo Of Dead Body: Is Capslockfaren Guilty

Have the authorities shared an image of the Maguad siblings’ decomposing bodies? Meanwhile, Twitter suspended a user called Capslockfaren for publishing obscene photographs of the real murder site.

A few days ago, news of the Maguad twins took over the whole internet. Numerous individuals were there to express their heartfelt condolences to the victims and their families.

On the other hand, other netizens expressed their outrage online by sharing a post with the hashtag #JusticeForMaguadSiblings. The Maguad siblings were viciously stabbed to death while discussing the murder case.

They were assassinated at 2 p.m. inside their home in Barangay, Bagontapay, according to reports. The investigation into the crime is ongoing, and the public has a variety of suspicions regarding the key suspects.

“We pray for the administration of justice. We pray for their family and friends. Gwynn and Crizzule, may you rest in peace.” https://t.co/6fsKVDo2V6

December 15, 2021 — Interaksyon (@interaksyon)

Maguad Siblings’ Actual Photograph Of Deceased

The Maguad siblings’ murder was reported a few days ago, and sources have confirmed that the inquiry is ongoing.

Several sources revealed a real photograph and video of their decomposing corpse, which is crazy.

However, after taking action against the account user, the account was suspended and the actual picture surrounding the crime was erased.

Meanwhile, the bereaved family of the victims has begged that their sentiments be respected and that the images be removed from the internet surface. Similarly, those who have lost their lives are raising their voices and seeking justice.

Some images are still available on Twitter and other social media sites, but they are likely to be taken shortly, since it is a matter of someone’s appreciation.

Maguad Sibling Video Leaked Online News & More in Hindi https://t.co/qUmOymayVo

December 16, 2021 — Hindian (@HindianNet)

Capslockfaren: Is He Guilty?

Capslockfaren is convicted, but not of the Maguad siblings’ murder.

He has been suspended from Twitter for breaking the company’s rules on sensitive material.

Capslockfaren was apparently removed from Twitter after sharing genuine images of the Maguad siblings from the murder site.

Meanwhile, the perpetrator who murdered the siblings has been identified as their adoptive sister Janice. Janice, who was adopted by the Maguad brothers’ parents, harboured ill will against them, which finally drove her to do the horrible act.

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