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Petra Gössi Partner Wikipedia, Age, Family and Party

Petra Gössi Partner Wikipedia, Age, Family and Party

Petra Gössi is a 45-year-old Swiss politician who now serves on the Swiss National Council. Is she a Wikipedia entry? Let us investigate.

Petra Gössi is a politician who rose to prominence after dating Chantal Gallade’s ex-boyfriend.

Gössi grew up in Kussnacht am Rigi. She finished her education at Immensee and earned a law degree from the University of Bern.

In terms of her career, she was elected to the Schwyz Cantonal Council. When she was 32 years old, she was elected president of the council and served in that capacity until 2011.

Additionally, she was chosen as the FDP leader in Schwyz.

Petra Gössi Spouse, Mother

Petra Gössi is married to Joe Hattenschwiler.

In December, the FDP leader declared that she had found a new love. Initially, she mentioned just that he is a Zurich citizen with no political ties.

Petra later disclosed that she is dating Joe Hattenschwiler, who is the father of three girls, according to blick.

Speaking about Petra Gossi’s family member. Her mother, on the other hand, is unmistakably from Ticino. Additionally, she disclosed that she is a native German speaker. Additionally, she is fluent in Italian.

Gössi, Petra Age, Wikipedia

As of 2021, Petra Gössi has a Wikipedia entry. As she is a well-known Swiss politician.

Gössi’s age seems to be 45 years. She was born in 1976 and used to celebrate her birthday every year on January 12.

Party of Petra Gössi

Petra Gössi has served as the FDP’s leader. Since 2016, the Liberals have been in power. Additionally, she has served on the Swiss National Council.

She began her political career as a member of the Cantonal Council. Since 2016, she has served as the national FDP’s leader.

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