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Obituary: Who Is Arturo Garcia of Texas? Accident & Death Cause

Obituary: Who Is Arturo Garcia of Texas? Accident & Death Cause

Arturo Garcia of Texas’s formal obituary has not been released though, his death last year has shocked many of the netizens. Here’s what happened to him!

Arturo Garcia passed away back in June 2020 but netizens have not gotten over his death even as of today.

Garcia died on the way to the hospital after being struck in a hit-and-run case earlier. Although not much is known about Garcia, netizens are more than eager to learn about him as of now.

Here, we have put together all the information on Garcia that is known to the general public.

Who Is Arturo Garcia of Texas?

Arturo Garcia’s personal information has not been shared by his family as of yet. Meanwhile, his background from Texas is yet to be confirmed by our sources.

He was a normal family man who had lost his brother in a workplace accident in late 2019. Described as a devoted family man, he had been mourning his brother’s death until he also died due to an accident.

Garcia was 49 years old at the time of his death and left behind his wife and children.

Meanwhile, the complete insiders into his family and children are not accessible at the moment.

Arturo Garcia Accident & Death Cause Explored

Arturo Garcia’s main cause of death is the car accident that he fell into. The incident occurred in mid-June 2020 when he was crossing the road in Pico Rivera.

The hit-and-run crash took place on Washington Boulevard between Paramount and Rosemead boulevards, according to the Los Angeles sheriff’s Pico Rivera Station.

Although Garcia was trying to cross the street against the traffic rules, he was not helped by the car driver.

He was hit by a black four-door car, possibly a Honda Civic or Accord that did not stop even when Garcia was hit.

The pedestrian later died at a hospital shortly after being struck about 9:35 p.m. on June 14.

Is The Perpetrator Caught?

Arturo Garcia’s perpetrator who was driving the car that day was not caught until the news was released very late that month.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Pico Rivera Station had released CCTV footage of the accident on June 23 via a Facebook Watch video.

However, they have not updated on the case even one after the incident. That deduces that the driver is still on the run while the victim lost his life immediately.

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