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My Unique B&B: Who Is Ian Tsang Carpenter? Age, Wife & Wiki

My Unique B&B: Who Is Ian Tsang Carpenter? Age, Wife & Wiki

Ian Tsang is a carpenter whose work has been shown on BBC2’s ‘My Unique B&B.’ Make certain to read the full essay in order to have a better understanding of him.

Ian Tsang is a British carpenter and television personality from the United Kingdom.

He is most renowned for his work on ‘George Clarke’s Old House,’ ‘New Home,’ (2016), and ‘My Unique B&B,’ among other projects (2021).

Who Is Ian Tsang Carpenter, Owner of My Unusual B&B?

Ian Tsang is an interior designer who appears on the BBC2 programme ‘My Unique B&B.’

There are now just two episodes available, with each episode airing on Tuesday evenings at 6:30 p.m.

Simon Parfett is the show’s master artisan. In the new BBC Two programme, he and his colleagues assist clients in creating their own B&Bs.

Ian Tsang is a carpenter/prop maker who collaborates with Simon Parfett, a presenter and treehouse designer.

They collaborated to change distinctive glamping destinations on the inside and out with a combination of play and hard work.

Additionally, all episodes are available on BBC iplayer.

Tonight, Aqsa is upcycling furniture, while Ian, the carpenter, is tasked with assisting Anthony and Bianca in transitioning from shed to shepherds hut!

Tonight at 6:30pm on @bbctwo, My Unique B&B continues. #UniqueBnB #BBC2 #upcycling pic.twitter.com/lT7WlKn9w4

March 15, 2021 — Plimsoll (@PlimsollProds)

How Old Is Ian Tsang?

Ian Tsang seems to be in his 30s, judging on his appearance.

Nonetheless, his precise date of birth and age remain unknown.

What Is Ian Tsang’s Wife’s Name?

There is nothing on the internet concerning Ian Tsang’s wife.

Similarly, there are just a few websites dedicated to Ian Tsang.

His familial history is unknown.

In that sense, we have no idea if he is married or not.

Biographical Information about Ian Tsang

Unfortunately, we were unable to discover Ian Tsang’s biography on the official Wikipedia page.

We can, however, learn about him on websites such as IMDb.

Despite our diligent search, we have been unable to locate his several social media pages, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

We know almost little about him in this sense.

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