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Michael Myers and Gay Couples, Halloween Kills Homophobic Theory

Michael Myers and Gay Couples, Halloween Kills Homophobic Theory

Following Michael Myers’ murder of a homosexual couple in the film ‘Halloween Kills,’ fans labelled him homophobic. Is the new hypothesis true? Keep an eye out to find out.

While Michael Myers is a fictitious character, he is presently being treated like a celebrity by his admirers. Myers, who is most known for his appearances in the Halloween slasher film franchise, has lately been embroiled in controversy. Indeed, he has been branded ‘homophobic’ by the public.

The character grew up with the viewers. Michael was a little child when he first appeared in films. His age, however, does not prevent him from committing murders. On Halloween, he murders his sister, Judith Myers (1978).

Myers’ presence in the films lacks ‘character development as he returns to murder more individuals. Created by John Carpenter, the part of ‘Michael Myers’ has been performed by a variety of performers including Nick Castle, Tony Moran, Will Sandin, and Don Shanks.

Following the release of ‘Halloween Kills,’ fans were eager to discover more about the film’s adversary. Let us investigate Michael Myers in further depth.

Discover the connection between Michael Myers and Gay Couples

Michael Myers is a fictitious person. He has appeared not just in films, but also in extended universe novels and comic comics. Similarly, he is referred to as ‘The Shape.’

Recognized for his heinous murders, he may be the major subject of talk during the scary season. In the films, we witness him kill the victims with a chef’s knife.

I’m still in shock that Michael Myers is not just a murderer, but also a homophobe.

— Hannah (in the context of my joker arc) (@sadpanhannah) October 16, 2021

Michael first appeared on the screen when he was a youngster. Indeed, he murders his first victim at the age of six. He returns to his birthplace fifteen years after killing his sister in order to escape Smith’s Grove Sanitarium. Additionally, he suffers from catatonia.

Myers has murdered an untold number of characters in films, both men and women. Similarly, he is depicted in the film ‘Halloween Kills’ murdering a homosexual couple. While the homosexual couple is not the film’s protagonists, their murder in the film has sparked outrage.

The homosexual couple murdered by Michael Myers in Halloween Kills served as the franchise’s LGBTQ+ representation. Likewise, supporters were incensed that their lives had been stolen.

Myers, Michael Halloween Puts an End to Homophobic Theory

Michael Myers returns to his boyhood home in ‘Halloween Kills’ and kills the homosexual couple who reside there. Their assassination has sparked a fresh suspicion that Michael Myers is homophobic.

All I took away from the new Halloween film was Michael Myers’ homophobia.

—* (@nbheaux) 15 October 2021

While the majority of fans favour this hypothesis, others are opposed to it. Given that Myers has murdered a variety of individuals throughout the series, some assume he is not homophobic. Similarly, the film’s producers have yet to respond to the hypothesis.

This is not the first Myers hypothesis to circulate on the internet. Many think he is invincible. Due to the fact that Michael has survived all of the hardships he has given and endured, the spectators feel he is not a mortal man.

Additionally, the creators of the character and films can only put a stop to all speculation. We’ll have to wait for them to provide more commentary on it.

I wish you a spooky Halloween!

#HalloweenKills Michael Myers is homophobic pic.twitter.com/dVeO4Hvqh5

October 17, 2021 — ECDD 512 (@isaelvalen)

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