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Melody Hurd Mother: Who Is Nisha Hurd? Nationality Revealed,Find Her Age And Bio

Melody Hurd Mother: Who Is Nisha Hurd? Nationality Revealed,Find Her Age And Bio

Nisha Hurd, Melody Hurd’s mother, is a businesswoman who also works as an acting instructor for young performers. Everything you ever wanted to know about Nisha and her daughters is right here.

In addition to being the mother of Melody and Rythm Hurd, who were just cast in the Netflix original series ‘Fatherhood,’ starring Kevin Hart, Nisha Hurd is also a model. Kevin’s daughter was played by Kevin’s two daughters in the film, which was directed by Kevin.

On the streaming site, the film is now the most popular title in the country. Nisha also works as an acting coach, and she teaches acting classes through her ‘Kid in the Biz’ course, which she founded.

Meet Melody Hurd’s Mother and Learn About Her Life

Melody Hurd’s mother, Nisha Hurd, is the child actor Melody Hurd. Melody is now featured in the Netflix original series ‘Fatherhood,’ in which she portrays Kevin Hart’s daughter, Melody.

Her character ‘Maddy’ was played by her in the film. She previously worked on the horror-thriller film ‘Them,’ in which she played a female lead. She was cast in the part of Gracie Jean and received positive feedback for her performance.

Who exactly is Nisha Hurd? Nationality is being investigated.

Nisha is a mother of three daughters, two of them have been in films since they were babies, according to their mother. She is a successful businesswoman and mother of two children.

Their own YouTube channel, entitled “Have You, Hurd?” is also available. They have only put two videos on the channel so far, and it is still in its infancy.

Nisha’s nationality is that of an American. She is married to actor Fred Hurd, who is also a member of the Hurd family. He also appears in the Netflix original alongside his wife and their children.

What Is Nisha Hurd’s Age? – How Old Is She?

Nisha Hurd appears to be between the ages of 30-35 years old, according to her appearance. She has not made her age known to the general public on any of her social media accounts.

It appears that she does not want to reveal her actual age. The mother of three, on the other hand, appears to be much younger than her true age and has kept herself in good shape.

Nisha Hurd is active on Instagram, where she has amassed a following of more than ten thousand people. Along with her husband, she is also in charge of the accounts of her two daughters. They have a large number of followers on Instagram.

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