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Les Grobstein Wife Diane Desimonev: Age, Children And Family – Death Cause,wiki

Les Grobstein Wife Diane Desimonev: Age, Children And Family - Death Cause,wiki

What exactly was the cause of Les Grobstein’s death? Continue reading to learn all there is to know about the late radio sportscaster from Chicago.

Les Grobstein worked as a sportscaster on the radio.

He passed away on January 16, 2022. Following the news of his passing, a handful of his colleagues, including Danny Parkins and Leila Rahimi, took to social media to express their condolences.

Many of The Grobber’s admirers were also disappointed to learn of the terrible situation and voiced their sorrow on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. Because of his extensive knowledge of any statistic or anecdote in Chicago sports history, he was referred to as “the human encyclopaedia of Chicago sports history.”


Caster Les Grubstein was discovered dead at the age of 69. https://t.co/ANzdFT7Jzr pic.twitter.com/StRi2V7dyR https://t.co/ANzdFT7Jzr

on January 17, 2022, from Robert Feder (@RobertFeder)

The Wife and Children of Les Grobstein

Diane Desimonev is Les Grobstein’s wife, and they have two children.

They had been married for more than three decades until their marriage was ended by death in January 2022. Scott Jay Grobstein, the couple’s only child, was born to them.

Les’s life is represented by his wife and children. His parents, Edward and Elaine Grobstein, are among the members of his family. Apart from them, the identities of the other members are still a mystery.

Nonetheless, we pray that his devastated family is able to get through this difficult period. When it comes to Les’ funeral, his family has not yet released any information, including the date and place.

All of us construct a world from the things that we think about, feel, see, and remember; and when we die, that world dies with us. Unfortunately, Les Grobstein has passed away. Les, thank you for providing so much information about Chicago sports between the hours of midnight and morning on your moondog sports radio programme, which has been a great resource.

January 17, 2022, Chicago, Illinois — Ted Cox (@tedcoxchicago)

Les Grobstein’s Cause of Death

Les Grobstein died on January 16, 2022, at the age of 69, after a long illness.

The next day, Mitch Johnson, operations director/brand manager for 670 The Score, confirmed the development. According to reports, he was discovered dead in his Elk Grove Village house by a neighbour. He expressed his sympathies to the Crobstein family in a letter.

The exact reason for this sad occurrence is still a mystery to this day. Les, on the other hand, has been on sick leave since the 12th of January. Most likely, it was the result of a hidden sickness. For the time being, the only thing we can do is conjecture in the absence of any official verification.

Les Grobstein, one of the most respected voices in Chicago sports journalism, has passed away. He was a truly genuine supporter of our teams, and he had a gift for bringing together the casual fan and the ardent supporters of our teams.

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For more than five decades, he was a well-known character in the world of Chicago sports radio. He collaborated with radio disc jockey Larry Lujack and computer programmer Steve Dahl. Prior to his death, he used to work at 670 The Score on the nighttime shift, which was his favourite.

Les, who was born on March 11, 1952, in Chicago, Illinois, was a Von Steuben High School and Columbia College alumnus whose broadcasting career started as a colour commentator for Northwestern basketball.

In 1983, he shot to popularity after capturing the notorious locker-room rage of Chicago Cubs manager Lee Elia on videotape. In addition to The Score, he has worked for a number of other sports radio stations, including WMVP 1000-AM in Philadelphia.

His interest in sports began when he was seven years old, after seeing a baseball game between the Chicago Cubs and the Philadelphia Phillies in 1959. By the age of 10, he had developed into a true sports enthusiast.

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