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Jessica Mauboy Is Engaged To Partner Husband Themeli Magripilis – Wedding Photos


Jessica Mauboy Is Engaged To Partner Husband Themeli Magripilis - Wedding Photos

Jessica Mauboy is engaged to Themeli Magripilis, a Greek-American soccer player and council worker who is also Jessica’s long-term boyfriend.

Jessica Mauboy is an Australian singer and songwriter who was born in Melbourne. The majority of her music is R&R and pop, while she does incorporate elements of dance, funk and soul, as well as hip hop, into some of her compositions.

After winning the fourth season of Australian Idol in 2006, she shot to international prominence. Since winning American Idol, she has released two solo albums, both of which have been certified gold or platinum.

Similar to this, her debut studio album, ‘Been Waiting (2008), was described as an eclectic combination of electronic beats, emotional Pop songs, and R&R bass lines.

It’s worth noting that her biography has been included on the official Wikipedia page.

Her parents Ferdy Mauboy and Therese Mauboy had her on the 4th of August 1989 in Darwin, Northern Territory, and she was raised there by her mother.

She was born in Australia and holds Australian citizenship.

In a nutshell, here’s all you need to know:

Jessica Mauboy is her given name.

a man of thirty-one years old

Gender Female

Nationality Australian

Singer and songwriter with a professional background

Married/Single/In a Relationship (Themeli Magripilis)

Instagram @jessicamauboy1

Twitter @jessicamauboy


Jessica Mauboy is a young woman who lives in the United States.

Photography by Jessica Mauboy’s husband: wedding photos

Jessica Mauboy has announced her engagement to Themeli Magripilis, with whom she has been dating for a decade, and has asked her followers to patiently await the release of their wedding images.

To share the exciting news, Jess posted a photo of herself and her fiancée to her Instagram account.

A long-distance romance with Theme began in January 2009, when she moved to California. Originally from Darwin, he is a soccer player and council worker of Greek heritage who was born and reared there.

On a similar note, he was a member of the Hellenic Athletic soccer team in the Darwin soccer league, which Mauboy’s younger sister Sophia also played for.

After seven years of long-distance romance, Magripilis relocated from Darwin to Sydney in September 2016, where she began living with Mauboy.

Jessica Mauboy has an active Instagram account.

Jessica Mauboy can be found on social media under the handle @jessicamauboy1, where she can be followed. Her Instagram profiles have a combined following of 361k people.

Additionally, she has a Twitter account with 290.9k followers, which she created in March 2009 under the handle @jssicamauboy and which she has maintained since.

Apart from that, she is extremely active on other social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube.

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