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Is Nina Flohr Pregnant? Age And Wikipedia | Greek Wedding With Prince Philippos

Is Nina Flohr Pregnant? Age And Wikipedia | Greek Wedding With Prince Philippos

Nina Flohr, a Swiss entrepreneur and heiress who married prince Philippos, is said to be pregnant. Is she really expecting? Let us investigate her age, Wikipedia, and Greek wedding in the following article.

Nina Nastassja Flohr is a Swiss businesswoman and heiress. She is the princess Nina of Greece and Denmark.

Nina is also a member of the extended Danish royal family and the Greek royal dynasty that is not now ruling.

Additionally, she is the wife of Prince Philippos of Greece and Denmark.

Her husband, Prince Philippos, is the son of Greece’s Constantine II and Princess Diana’s godson.

Is Nina Flohr Currently Pregnant?

There is currently no information on Nina Flohr’s pregnancy.

Indeed, her pregnancy has not been officially announced.

Since their wedding, Nina and Philippos have been travelling and enjoying married life.

The duo are presently staying in Nina’s hideaway, Kisawa Baraca, where they are enjoying a magnificent sunset via colourful glass panels.

We will notify you as soon as we learn of any new information on her pregnancy.

Investigate Nina Flohr’s Biography And Wikipedia

Nina Flohr is 34 years old in 2021, while Prince Philippos is 35 years old.

According to her Wikipedia article, she currently lacks a thorough biography. Nonetheless, she is referred to as the VistaJet Heiress.

She was born into a well-to-do family in Switzerland. Her father, Thomas Flohr, is a multimillionaire Swiss entrepreneur and the founder of VistaJet. Nina leads her father’s company as creative director.

Nina Flohr’s Wedding to Prince Philippos in Greece

On October 23, Prince Philippos of Greece married Nina Flohr for the third time in a grand wedding held in Athens.

Though their previous two weddings were little affairs, with just their fathers present at the first and a friend’s home in the United Kingdom for the second, this one was considerably grander, taking place at Athens’ Metropolitan Cathedral.

Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie were among the royals who attended the event, which was attended by royals from throughout Europe. The newlyweds have a significant link to the British royal family, since Prince Philippos is the godson of Princess Diana.

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