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Is Maile Flanagan Still Alive Or Dead? Meet Wife Lesa Hammett: Death Mystery

Is Maile Flanagan Still Alive Or Dead? Meet Wife Lesa Hammett: Death Mystery

Contrary to popular belief, Maile Flanagan is still alive and happily married to Lesa Hammett. Continue reading to discover more about the actress!

Maile Flanagan is an actress from the United States.

Additionally, she is a voice actor. She is well recognised for her portrayal of Naruto Uzumaki in the Naruto English dub. Since 2005, she has lent her voice to all properties, including Terry Perry’s Lab Rats.

“Why do people like Sasuke?” Haha haha @YuriLowenthal image via Twitter: https://twitter.com/AOwQYHyoL3

December 1, 2021 — Maile Flanagan (@maileflanagan)

Additionally, Maile has guest starred on Bad Teacher, The Class, Grey’s Anatomy, Shameless, and other cartoons. Additionally, she made cameo appearances in Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

She is the recipient of a Daytime Emmy Award.

Is Maile Flanagan Still Alive Or Has She Passed Away?

Maile Flanagan is still alive, as shown by a recent Twitter message.

There are also reports concerning her demise. People have even speculated that she may have died of diabetes.

However, she is safe and well at the age of 56. Additionally, she was born in Honolulu in 1965. Every year on 19 May, she celebrates her birthday with her friends and family. Additionally, she is a United States of America citizen. Maile Flanagan earned a bachelor’s degree from Boston College.

Meet Lesa Hammett, Lesa’s Wife

Maile Flanagan and her wife Lesa Hammett are happily married.

The pair exchanged vows in 2008, although they seem to have been together for a considerable period of time prior to marriage. They have not, however, released much information about their wedding to the media.

Maile is often seen on her Instagram account sharing a photo of her wife. Meanwhile, little information is available regarding Maile Flanagan’s marriage. Her personal information has not yet been made public.

Lesa Hammett does not seem to like the spotlight and is quite private about her personal life. Despite this, the pair seems to have a strong relationship and their love for one another has not waned over time.

Additionally, Maile mentioned her wife in her speech, expressing her love for her when accepting her Emmy trophy.

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