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In which episode elena remembers damon?

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It was revealed in “Yellow Ledbetter,” the second episode of season 6 of The Vampire Diaries, that he was able to grant her wish. Elena eventually admitted the truth, which was that she had fallen in love with Damon while she was officially still with Stefan, after a series of unsuccessful efforts to cover up her feelings.

In which episode does Elena begin to recall what she once knew about Damon?

It is the seventh episode of the sixth season of the American television series The Vampire Diaries, and it is the 118th episode of the series overall. The episode is titled “Do You Remember the First Time?” The question “Do You Remember the First Time?” was presented for the first time on The CW on November 13, 2014. Rebecca Sonnenshine was the one responsible for the episode’s writing, while Darren Genet was the one in charge of directing it.

What episode does Elena declare Damon loves him?

Recap of “The Vampire Diaries” Episode 410: “Hollywood Life,” in which Elena confesses to Damon that she loves him.

Do the memories of Damon come to Elena first?

It Appeared That Elena Had Already Met Damon Long Before She Had Already Met Stefan. A flashback that was seen in the same episode showed that Damon was also in Mystic Falls on the night when Elena’s parents passed away. In the middle of the road, he came upon Elena, who seemed to be in a great deal of distress, and he approached her, thinking that she was Katherine.

Does Elena forget Damon forever?

In the end, Alaric tricks her into forgetting Damon’s noble deeds, which causes Elena to think of him only as the evil person who took her brother’s life…. At the conclusion of the show, Elena makes the decision to retrieve her memories; unfortunately, this results in Alaric regaining his humanity, and Elena is unable to retrieve any memories involving Damon as a result.

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Does Season 7 include Elena in any way?

7th in a series. Although she does not make an appearance, Elena may be overheard yelling Damon’s name when he is in the armoury vault.

What did Damon Elena forget?

When Elena is left abandoned at the Miss Mystic Falls pageant without a partner, Damon rushes to her aid and the two of them dance together to win the competition. In the episode titled “Rose,” Damon tells Rose that he loves her, but then forces her to forget about their past relationship since he does not think he is good enough for her.

Who was the first to meet Elena, Stefan or Damon?

The audience is given the impression that Elena’s first encounter with a member of the Salvatore family occurs with Stefan at some point throughout the course of the series. However, in the climactic episode of Season 3, it is revealed that she had really met Damon before any of the other characters.

In which episodes do Elena and Damon engage in sexual activity?

As Elena adapts to her new existence as a vampire, she develops a connection with Damon. After Elena’s breakup with Stefan, the duo have their first intimate sleep experience together in the episode “My Brother’s Keeper.” This is the first time that she will make the option to pick Damon over Stefan, which is a choice that she will continue to make for the duration of the series.

Who gave Elena the bite that converted her into a vampire?

Even though Bonnie did all she could to assist Elena, her transformation was unavoidable. In the end, Stefan had to murder a guard in order to retrieve Elena’s blood before it was too late. Elena was turned into a vampire with the assistance of Stefan and Rebekah, despite the fact that she had no desire to become one.

Does Elena become pregnant in Season 8?

The first time Stefan and Elena meet… After Elena tells Stefan that she is pregnant, Elena and Stefan are married the small thing that develops in her tummy NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED!

What method does Elena use to deliver Undesired to Damon?

The vampire that was sired has the option of carrying out this task on their own or being instructed to do so by their sire. In the movie “Stand By Me,” Damon suggests to Elena that she switch off her feelings since she is unable to cope with the passing of her brother Jeremy. The revelation that this severed the sire tie between him and Elena comes up in the book Bring It On.

Will Elena be able to retrieve her memories of Damon?

Elena was allowed to ingest it for the first time in “I’d Leave My Happy Home For You,” the twenty-first episode of season six of The Vampire Diaries…. As a consequence of this, Alaric’s earlier attempts were undone, and Elena’s memories of Damon were returned, beginning with the endearingly awkward formal first date that the two of them enjoyed.

Is there a split between Elena and Damon?

At the conclusion of the episode, Elena and Damon get into an argument over their relationship and the degree to which each of them is dependent on the other. They come to the conclusion that they should stop their relationship since love changes people, but in the end, they find themselves back in bed together because they are unable to deny the attraction they feel for one another.

When did Damon first realise how much he cared for Elena?

After tracking Elena down to give back her vervain necklace in the second season episode titled “Rose,” Damon finally told Elena about his emotions for her for the first time. Damon professed to being in love with his brother’s fiancĂ©e before returning the jewellery; however, he erased all traces of his confession from her memory before returning the item.

Have Elena and Damon ever had a meal together?

Damon discloses to Stefan what he’s done, in part because he knows it won’t work, but largely because he knows it will get under Stefan’s skin…. The fact that Elena went to Damon rather than Stefan as a result of the event puts more pressure on their relationship. “Elena, you became dependent on him. You fed on him.

Does Stefan cease love Elena?

Elena comes to depend on Damon, so when he isn’t there to rescue her, she is surprised; nevertheless, Damon assures her that he will never abandon her again and that he will protect her in the future. Stefan continues to try to murder Elena. Stefan eventually admits to Elena that he has never stopped loving her and that he wants to win her back despite the fact that he previously said that he no longer loved her.

Is Stefan’s affection for Caroline sincere?

In later seasons of “The Vampire Diaries,” Stefan Salvatore began a romantic relationship with Caroline Forbes. The programme revolved on his relationship with Elena Gilbert at first, but as Elena realised she had feelings for Damon, the focus shifted away from the love triangle idea.

Is Stefan or Damon better for Elena?

In retrospect, Elena gives Stefan the credit for helping her get through the difficult time she was going through. In the end, Stefan was a better friend to Elena than Damon was because he contributed more to her pleasure rather than contributing to her unhappiness.

Why did Stefan quit loving Elena?

During the first three seasons of the programme, Stefan and Elena began to develop romantic feelings for one another and eventually became a couple. When Stefan finally realised that Elena had emotions for Damon, he decided to end his relationship with Elena at the beginning of the fourth season. This led to the couple’s breakup.

Damon may have told Elena something, but has she forgotten it?

As part of her shift, Elena is able to regain all of the memories that she was made to forget, including the one in which Damon tells her that he loves her.

Does Alaric adopt Elena?

After Jenna’s passing at the end of Season 2, Alaric was appointed as Elena and Jeremy’s legal guardian. After being forced by Klaus to stand in front of an oncoming vehicle, Jeremy’s life is spared thanks to him. As Alaric’s alter ego begins to take control of his behaviour in the episode “Heart of Darkness,” he is revealed to be their adversary for good.

Who will portray Elena in the eighth season?

Casting. On January 26, 2017, it was revealed that Nina Dobrev will reprise her role as Elena Gilbert in the television show’s last episode.

In 2020, who will Nina Dobrev be dating?

The whirlwind affair between Nina Dobrev and Shaun White has, in a short amount of time, become quite serious. When fans observed that the former cast member from “The Vampire Diaries” and the professional snowboarder had posted similar photographs from their vacation to South Africa, people began to speculate that the two were dating in February of 2020.