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Eileen de Villa Age, Husband, Salary, Family and Party

Eileen de Villa Age, Husband, Salary, Family and Party

Eileen de Villa is a Canadian politician who is married to Richard Choi. Continue reading to learn fascinating information about her age, salary, and other details.

Eileen de Villa is an American-Canadian public servant who now serves as the City of Toronto’s Medical Officer of Health.

In 1991, she earned a BSC from McGill University. Additionally, she possesses a master’s degree in health sciences from the University of Toronto.

She began her profession in 2004 after finishing her studies. She began her career as a public health physician. In 2017, she committed to fighting the opioid crisis.

Throughout her career, she has been recognised with the Naimark Award from the Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement in 2013 and the Distinguished Leader Award from the McGill Toronto Excellence Awards in 2019.

Fast Facts:

Age of Eileen de Villa

Eileen de Villa seems to be between the ages of 51 and 52. However, we do not know her actual age or date of birth.

According to information gathered from her Wikipedia profile, she was born in 1969.

Eileen de Villa Spouse Additionally to Family

Eileen Choi is the wife of Richard Choi.

Eileen de Villa is the daughter of Guillermo and Maria Antonina de Villa. However, we were unable to gather information on her children.


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May 11, 2021 — Dr. Eileen de Villa (@epdevilla)

Salary of Eileen de Villa

Eileen de Villa’s salary and net worth have not been made public yet.

However, she makes a good living from her career. Her major earns a living in the health and political sectors.

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25 September 2020 — Dr. Eileen de Villa (@epdevilla)

Party of Eileen de Villa

She was hired as a medical health officer at Toronto Public when David Mckeown retired.

However, she has remained silent regarding her political affiliation.

Twitter – Eileen de Villa

Eileen de Villa has a sizable following on Twitter, with over 35.8k followers.

Her Twitter handle is @epdevilla. In July 2011, she became a Twitter user.

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