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Don Allen Murder: Where Is Violet Walter Now? Her Husband Family And Photos

Don Allen Murder: Where Is Violet Walter Now? Her Husband Family And Photos

Killer Couple on Oxygen, which aired after the Don Allen murder, starred Violet Walter and Philip Walter. Continue reading this post to learn more about where they are now located.

According to an episode of Killer Couples, two Craigslist murderers murdered Abilene police officer Don Allen in his patrol car.

Police Officer Don Allen was tied up and strangled to death in August 2015 after he made contact with Violet and Phillip Walter through Craigslist and invited them to his home in Clyde for sexual activities. The Walters were convicted of his murder.

Stacie Lopez, anchor and reporter for KTAB News in Birmingham, Alabama, is featured in one of the show’s key interviewees. From Officer Allen’s death through the Walters’ guilty conviction for the murder, she relates her reporting on the case from inception to conclusion.

Texan “Killer Couples” on Oxygen after the Don Allen Murder

The episode focusing on Phillip and Violet Walter will premiere on the Oxygen Network on Monday at 8 p.m. Eastern time.

In October 2016, the Walters were convicted guilty of murder in the death of Don Allen following a trial in Baird, the county seat of Callahan County. The officer’s bound body was discovered in the main bedroom of his Clyde residence on August 31, 2015.

Both men were suspected of tying up an off-duty police officer before strangling him to death with his own hands. Allen’s police belt, weapon, and radio were all taken from him, according to court testimony, before they fled.

What Has Been Happening to Violet Walter and Her Husband? Everything We Have Learned

As a result of their involvement in the horrible crime, both the husband and wife were sentenced to 40 years in prison.

There is very little information accessible about Violet and her husband Philips on the internet despite the fact that a large number of individuals are interested in knowing more about their lives.

The identities and addresses of their parents have not yet been made public to the media or the general public. It’s likely that they’re not disclosing their true identify because they’re concerned about security.

However, because they had done such a horrific act, the people was incensed and requested that both of them be executed as a result. Despite this, both members of the marriage were sentenced to 40 years in prison under the statute in question.

You may discover more about their marriage by watching the Oxygen documentary Killer Couples, which is now airing on the network.

Violet Walter’s Family Reaction – A Photographic Investigation

There is no information on Violet’s family can be located on the internet. It has also remained a mystery as to what her husband’s family heritage is.

They must also be ashamed of their children for performing such a horrific thing as murdering an officer, which must make their parents feel humiliated.

In a similar vein, no information on the officer’s family can be found on the internet. It is necessary to watch the Oxygen show in order to discover more about their personal life

Furthermore, Don’s photograph has been extensively shared on social media sites such as Twitter.

To be sure that our readers are kept up to date, we are now collating all of the available information about the couple and the officer’s family. Please hang in there with us till then.

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