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Does Sara Ramirez Have Kids-Is She Still Married To Ryan DeBolt? Daughter & Husband


Does Sara Ramirez Have Kids-Is She Still Married To Ryan DeBolt? Daughter & Husband

Is Sara Ramirez the mother of any children? See if the non-binary individual has any children with her spouse Ryan and if the two are still married in the following questions:

A non-binary individual of Mexican-American descent, Sara Elena Ramirez identifies as Sara Elena Ramirez. They are an actress, musician, and activist who is best known for their part in the long-running medical drama ‘Gery’s Anatomy.’ They have also been in several other television shows.

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ character Dr. Callie Torress holds the record for the longest-running representation of LGBTQ characters on television, having appeared in 239 episodes over the course of the series.

As a long-time supporter for LGBTQ rights, Ramirez was awarded the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s prestigious ‘Ally for Equality Awards’ in 2015, which recognised her efforts. They have also been recognised with major Tony Awards and Satellite Awards for their work in numerous television drama series.

Is Sara Ramirez the mother of any children?

Aside from the myth, Sara Ramirez does not have any children.

They were married to Ryan DeBolt, who had been their long-term lover. The couple, on the other hand, divorced before they could have children.

According to reports, the rumours about Sara becoming pregnant began about the same time as their on-screen character Callie Torress became pregnant on the ABC medical drama ‘Grey’s Anatomy.

The rumour arose after Ramirez’s character found out she was carrying a kid with Mark Sloan, according to the drama’s fans.

The narrative, according to the fans, was composed following Ramirez’s real-life pregnancy, which occurred in 2008. Nonetheless, the storey turned out to be incorrect, as both Ramirez and DeBolt said in denial.

Is Sara Ramirez still married to Ryan DeBolt, or has their relationship ended?

Sara Ramirez was married to Ryan DeBolt, who had been their long-term partner. The couple, on the other hand, filed for divorce on July 6, 2021

Their long-term lover DeBolt had proposed to Ramirez in June 2011, and the couple tied the knot on July 4, 2012, at a lovely seashore setting in New York.

Sara came out as LGBTQ and bisexual at the True Colors Fund’s 40 To None Summit, which was held in California and was eerily similar to the roles they portray on television.

In addition, on August 27, 2020, they announced their transition to a non-binary gender identification on Instagram.

Even after being in a long-term, stable relationship, the abrupt announcement of a divorce stunned admirers all around the world. The followers began to speculate if the couple’s divorce had anything to do with their newly discovered non-binary identification.

However, both DeBolt and Ramirez have claimed that they were pleased with the choice to split ways and that it was a mutual decision.

Ex-husband and daughter of Sara Ramirez are revealed.

Sara Ramirez and her husband Ryan DeBolt were reported to have a daughter together, according to reports.

The pair, who has been married for eight years, does not have a kid together, however, as previously stated.

Ryan DeBolt is a successful businessman from the United States who specialises in financial analytics. Despite the fact that he will be sharing the spotlight with Ramirez for the foreseeable future, Ryan is a very accomplished professional in his area.

DeBolt was born on the 25th of September, 1980, in Mexico City. He is a well-known business analyst who works at Time Inc.

His connection with Sara was marked by his strong support for their shared identity and his willingness to stand by their side. Debolt is rarely seen in the media and does not appear in as many public events as other actors.

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