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Cold Justice: Linette Felts Update – Where Is Steven Felts Wife-Killer? Age And Daughter,wiki

Cold Justice: Linette Felts Update - Where Is Steven Felts Wife-Killer? Age And Daughter,wiki

Linette Felts is the primary suspect in Steven Felts’s murder investigation, according to police. Steven, on the other hand, was an industrious guy who lived in Houston, Texas. In this essay, we’ll go at the specifics of the situation.

Linette Felts is the late Steven Felts’s wife, and they had two children. In the same way, the case has remained unresolved and will likely be reopened. Steven was also a hardworking Texas family guy who loved his children. Apart from it, he was assassinated at his own residence in 1996.

In the same way, the case has remained unresolved. Steven was a conscientious individual who was also well-liked by his other committee members. Many members of the community were troubled by the case since it was difficult to believe.

Everyone was taken aback when they learned that he had been mistreated viciously and killed. People were even more stunned when they learned that his wife, Linette, was the primary suspect in the death of their son.

Linette Felts’s Cold Justice: A Status Report

Linette Felts, Steven Felts’ wife, is a real estate agent in Rosenberg, Texas. Aside from that, she is the primary suspect in her husband’s death. Despite this, no information concerning Mr. Felts’ death has been discovered to date. As a result, Linette is judged not guilty of the crime committed by her husband.

Furthermore, the investigation into the murder is still ongoing, and no conclusion has been reached due to a lack of evidence surrounding the crime. Linette has been questionable, despite the fact that many individuals, including his wife, have said otherwise.

However, as a result of the little information and evidence available, none of the individuals involved has been punished or reprimanded. Linette, on the other hand, works as a stylist and hairdresser in her professional capacity.

In addition, Felts received his high school diploma from B. F. Terry. Felts, on the other hand, is said to be single following the death of her husband, Steven. Furthermore, there are no rumours of her currently dating or having an affair at this time.

What Happened to Steven Felts’ Wife-Killer, and Where is He Now?

Felts’ wife, Linette Felts, is a stylist and hairdresser who works with Steven Felts in her professional capacity. In the same way, she lives in the town of Rosenberg, Texas.

In addition, Lenette has maintained her single status after Steven’s death. Aside from that, there is no information known about her extramarital encounters.

Linette Felts’s age and the names of her daughters

Lenette Felts will be 54 years old in 2022, according to the United States Census Bureau. Furthermore, she was born in the year 1967. We are unable to provide further information since we do not know when she celebrates her birthday.

According to family members, Lenette was born into a middle-class household. Aside from that, the Felts’ have four children. The same can be said about her oldest daughter, Ava Clark Felts, who was just six years old at the time Steven died. According to reports, the couple brought their oldest daughter into the world in 1990 in Texas, USA.

In addition, Ava has three more siblings, Randsom Clark, Ariel Clark, and Dylan Clark, who are all in their twenties. Similarly, Ava is presently in her early twenties and pursuing a degree in high education at a university in the state of Texas.

Not to mention the fact that Steven was 36 years old at the time of his violent beating and murder. Aside from that, he was shot three times in his back of the skull.

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