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CEO22Wayz , Real Name & Instagram: Is JuJu Castaneda Married?Age

CEO22Wayz , Real Name & Instagram: Is JuJu Castaneda Married?Age

CEO22Wayz, whose age has not been revealed, is said to have tied the knot with JuJu Castaneda in Las Vegas.

CEO22Wayz, who goes by the handle @ceo22wayz on social media, seems to be a successful businessman.

Similarly, CEO22Wayz is now buzzing on the internet after it was reported that he had been formally engaged to JuJu Castaneda, of ‘Love & Hip Hop’ fame.

However, since there is almost no information on him available on the Internet, the public is still unaware of his true name and occupation.

CEO22Wayz’s real name and age are unknown.

CEO22Wayz’s age seems to be more than 35 years old as of the year 2021.

Due to the fact that CEO22Wayz prefers to maintain a private existence, we were unable to get information on his precise date of birth or actual age.

In the same way, the web will have to wait a time before finding out what his genuine name is.

Is JuJu Castaneda a married man or a single woman?

JuJu Castaneda seems to be married, according to a video uploaded by The Shade Room on their YouTube channel.

It seems to be their wedding ceremony in Las Vegas, as she is seen waking down with her spouse in a church, according to the footage.

However, neither CEO22Wayz nor reality actress JuJu Castaneda have officially acknowledged the rumours of their engagement and upcoming wedding. In her most recent Instagram post, Juju makes use of the hashtag #his #wife, which is a first for her.

His Wikipedia page may be found here: CEO22Wayz On Instagram

On Instagram, he goes by the handle @ceo22wayz and posts often.

According to his social media presence, he has more than 36k followers and has only posted 31 times. He seems to have an adequate online presence.

A second Instagram account with the identity @ceo22wayzz is also linked to his Instagram bio, however just 3470 people follow him on that account thus far.

Unfortunately, he has not yet been included in the Wikipedia database. However, with the announcement of his marriage, he has received coverage from websites such as HITC and others.

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